The Fifth Year Of Hempcon Kicks Off At The San Jose Convention Center This January

The Fifth Year Of Hempcon Kicks Off At The San Jose Convention Center This January

SAN JOSE, CA — As 2013 comes to a close, the team behind the Hempcon trade shows are preparing to set the year off with a big bang.

Founded in 2010, Hempcon is a three-day event held in celebration and support of medical marijuana. It has become one of the most prominent festivals in the cannabis community in the limited time since its inception.

“There are plans for four Hempcon festivals held in California this year.”

There are four Hempcon festivals held in California each year. This first event of 2014 is set for next month in San Jose.

Mega Productions is the team responsible for the happenings at Hempcon. They are a California corporation that has been producing and promoting trade shows for over 20 years.

What Should I Expect When Attending Hempcon In San Jose?

As is often the case when attending festivals of any sort, Hempcon is sure to be packed with vendors and exhibitors. Attendees will be able to peruse the sea of promotional booths for cannabis, glassware, hydroponics, and other industry-specific products.

“There will be educational seminars, panels, and presentations by industry leaders, advocates, and attorneys.”

According to the Hempcon website, there is a great deal of variety as far as vendors are concerned. The list of exhibitors includes California Finest, Elemental Wellness, THC Finder, Vaped, and more.

hemp con 2014

Despite the abundance of vendors, Hempcon is intended to serve as a chance to educate the community about the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis. In turn, there will be educational seminars, panels, and presentations by industry leaders, advocates, and attorneys.

Furthermore, registered physicians from San Jose 420 Evaluations will be conducting patient evaluations and cannabis consultations on site for those in search of information tailored to the individual.

The 2013 Bay Area Hempcon will be held at the San Jose Convention Center. Doors are scheduled to open January 17 at 3:00 PM PST and tickets can be purchased for $20 upon arrival.

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2014 Hempcon (San Jose) January 17 - 19, 2014

Hempcon is a 3-day celebration of medical marijuana held in California. It was founded in 2009 and has grown to include four events each year. The Hempcon events are intended to educate the community about …

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