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The Kingpen is one of four portable vaporizer options offered by Dab Kits. It is capable of vaporizing both waxes and dry herbs, and is 100 percent mechanical – no electronics are used to avoid the risk of short circuits.

Dab Kits Produces A Variety Of Portable Vaporizers

Based in Seattle, WA, Dab Kits was founded earlier this year with a mission in mind. The company’s two founders saw that most quality vaporizers are far too expensive for the average patient to afford, and set out to solve this issue.

Being a new company, I hadn’t heard much about Dab Kits before a few weeks ago. But after a short conversation with Matt Cheatle, the company’s co-founder, I was convinced that they were on to something.

My main reasoning for this is that Dab Kits has already released not just one, but four different portable vaporizers for consumers to choose from. While most of their product line is geared towards cannabis concentrate use only, the Kingpen vaporizer is intended to vaporize both concentrates and dry herbs.

“The Kingpen vaporizer is available in three different colors (silver, gold, and “gun color”) and retails for $99.00.”

However, the Kingpen requires some precise reassembly in order to switch between the two materials. I admittedly had some minor issues with this process, but we’ll get back to that later.

According to the Dab Kits website, the Kingpen vaporizer is available in three different colors (silver, gold, and “gun color”) and retails for $99.00.

For comparison, the Cloud Platinum and Micro VAPED V2 are each sold for $79.99, although they can only be used with concentrates. The G Pro Herbal Vaporizer, which is intended for dry herbs only, retails for $99.95.

The Kingpen vaporizer arrives in a simple black package that is branded with a Dab Kits logo on the face and wrapped in plastic. Inside the box you can expect to find the following:

  • 1 Kingpen unit
  • 1 rechargeable 18350 battery
  • 1 wall charger
  • 1 glass dome with a plastic mouthpiece
  • 1 wax atomizer
  • 1 dry herb atomizer
  • 1 stainless steel chamber
  • 1 atomizer base
  • 1 dab tool
  • 1 user manual
Kingpen from Dab Kits

How To Use The Kingpen Vaporizer From Dab Kits

Unfortunately, the Kingpen vaporizer will require some serious assembly upon arrival. The battery will already be charged, so the first thing you’ll need to do is unscrew the cap at the base of the unit and slide it in – be sure that the positive end of the battery is facing upwards (towards the button). Once the battery is inside, screw the cap back into place.

The next step will be to screw in the base for your atomizer – this is a silver piece with ridges around the edge and black rubber rings around the neck. These pieces together are necessary components for vaporizing either concentrates or dried flowers in the Kingpen.

Vaporizing Concentrate With The Kingpen

The atomizers, on the other hand, will differ depending on what material you are vaporizing. The concentrate atomizer uses a horizontal coil system similar to those used by the Cloud Platinum and Micro Vaped V2.

Drop the coil component into the atomizer base, and it’s ready to go. Load your concentrate directly onto the coils with your dab tool. I find that runnier concentrates tend to be best for portable devices like these. If you are vaporizing shatter or wax, you may want to consider using a warm dab tool to melt down the concentrate before dropping it onto the coil.

Now that the atomizer is in place, connect the glass dome/mouthpiece to complete the assembly process. Press the button at the top of the Kingpen unit to engage the heating component and inhale slowly to draw vapor.

Vaporizing Dry Herb With The Kingpen

For dry herb, you will need to use the atomizer with a vertical coil system (labeled “dry herb”) and the stainless steel chamber with three holes in the cap. Drop the coil component into the atomizer base with the coils facing upwards, and screw in the chamber over the top of it.

Now you can unscrew the cap of the chamber and load your herbal material. For best results, you’ll want to be sure your herbal material is finely ground.

Once the cap of the chamber is screwed back into place, you can connect the glass dome/mouthpiece to complete the assembly process. Press the button at the top of the Kingpen unit to engage the heating element and inhale slowly to draw vapor.

What We Liked About The Kingpen Vaporizer

  • Unique design – the Kingpen is the first vaporizer of its kind that I’ve personally encountered
  • Great portability – small enough to fit in your pocket
  • 100% mechanical design makes short circuits a problem of the past
  • Dual-use capabilities allow you to vaporize both concentrates and dry herbs
  • Discrete design – can easily be concealed while you are drawing vapor from the unit
  • Glass dome allows you to see the vapor build
  • Dab Kits offers a 6 month guarantee on their batteries and a 3 month guarantee on atomizers
  • Produces dense, tasty vapor when vaporizing concentrates

How Could The Kingpen Vaporizer Be Improved?

  • There was far too much assembly required for my liking – small components that need to be screwed in each time you use the unit isn’t the best option for older patients (especially those with arthritis)
  • The cap for the battery cartridge can be difficult to screw into place – an improved thread system would have saved me a great deal of frustration
  • The user manual lacks the sort of detail I would expect from a unit like this – I had to read it 3-4 times before really understanding how to correctly assemble the atomizer
  • The stainless steel dry herb chamber is a good idea in principle, but it becomes a hassle to load the small chamber – a wider mouth is worth considering
  • I would like to see Dab Kits pursue a healthier vapor path – I would rather my vapor not come in contact with plastic and metals if it can be avoided
  • I was disappointed to find that only one wax atomizer was included – these atomizers get gunked up rather quickly, causing the taste of your vapor to deteriorate over time (replacement atomizers are available online for $8)
Kingpen from Dab Kits

Kingpen Vaporizer: A Unique, Discrete Portable Vaporizer

Overall, I would consider the Kingpen vaporizer to be a solid option for patients who are searching for a versatile vaporizer to use with either concentrate or dry herb. The $99 price point is incredibly reasonable given this capability, especially when you consider the fact that other dual-use portable vapes typically go for $200 or more.

“Consider the Kingpen if you’re looking for an affordable unit that can last a lifetime.”

That being said, the precise assembly of small components it requires is likely to cause some consumers to rule this unit out.

I certainly would not recommend it for older patients suffering from Parkinson’s, arthritis, or any sort of joint pain in the hands.

Still, it’s encouraging to see companies start to rethink the portable vaporizer. Consider the Kingpen if you’re looking for an affordable unit that can last a lifetime – replace the battery, atomizers as needed and you shouldn’t have any problems.

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Dab Kits Seattle, Washington

Based in Washington State, Dab Kits emerged in an attempt to offer high-quality vaporizers at a resonable price. They produce and distrubute a variety of portable wax vaporizers, each backed by a factory warranty.

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