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LA Confidential: Winner of 4 Cannabis Cups

Matthew Price November 3, 2012
  • LA Confidential Marijuana Strain

LA Confidential genetics consist of OG LA Affie mixed with an Afghani strain, making this a heavy Indica. The taste of LA Confidential is reminiscent of spices, pine, and sour lemons.  The buds are delicate, dense, lime green in color, and are covered in a darker orange hair than we are used to seeing. The effects create a mellow trance great for stress management and relieving anxiety in patients.

The effects start off very stoney, relaxing, and will make you want to find somewhere to get comfortable to lounge.

Perfect for appetite stimulation, LA Confidential usually has a high THC percentage which is known to give patients the munchies. The effects are very psychedelic and make the mind race with ideas. However, this strain is much more body-heavy though (due to the Indica genetics), making your limbs heavy with a severe couch-lock.

Eventually LA Confidential made me sleepy but didn’t actually let me fall asleep. It didn’t help too much with dealing with my insomnia. Probably would have to recommend sticking to a heavy Indica or OG for better pain management and sleep-aid (such as Granddaddy Purple or MK Ultra). We have tried this strain a few times with mixed results — showing how important it is to find a good, reliable source for your medicine.

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