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Samoas Brownie: A Blitzed Brownie From Healthy Highness Edible Co.

Matthew Price March 23, 2013
  • Samoas Brownie (Healthy Highness)
  • Samoas Brownie (Healthy Highness)
  • Samoas Brownie (Healthy Highness)

This member of Healthy Highness’ Blitzed Brownie line was inspired by my all time favorite Girl Scout Cookie, “Samoas”.

This tasty edible was made with all the standard ingredients of a delightful brownie (flour, brown & white sugar, butter, chocolate chips, vanilla, etc.), but was topped with toasted coconut, caramel, chocolate and shortbread crumbs. It definitely brought me back to the days of crushing whole boxes of Samoa cookies in one sitting. They are just too good to stop…

Girl Scouts Don’t Have S#%@ On The Healthy Highness Girls

Unlike many edibles on the market, this Samoa brownie tasted like a gourmet desert. This has been the case with all the products we have had from Healthy Highness thus far, props girls! The brownie was fresh and moist, and the taste of cannabis could not be detected whatsoever. It’s a good thing I didn’t have two of them around because I definitely would’ve indulged in seconds.

“I really enjoyed the effects of the Samoas brownie because although I felt medicated, I was not so stoned that I couldn’t move off the couch.”

However, it is probably better that I didn’t. Each brownie contains approximately 2 grams of primarily Indica medicinal marijuana infused into the butter; I would’ve been down for the count. I would definitely recommend eating the whole thing if you regularly consume edibles. However, if you’re an occasional user you may want to eat half and wait to see how it effects you before eating the second half.

Since I ate the brownie on an empty stomach, I felt the effects nearly instantaneously. Within fifteen minutes I felt relaxed and untroubled. I really enjoyed the effects of this brownie because I felt appropriately medicated, not so stoned that I couldn’t move off the couch. I was able to focus and get work done with no problem.

I can’t wait to get my hands on another Samoa brownie from Freedom Farmers. They go for the very affordable donation of $10. Healthy Highness also offers patients a coupon for a free edible if you leave a review (about your HH edible) on your dispensary’s Weedmaps page.

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