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Super Jack: Saving the Day Before it Starts

Matthew Price July 15, 2013
  • Super Jack Marijuana Strain
  • Super Jack Marijuana Strain
  • Super Jack Marijuana Strain

Given the genetics that are present in Super Jack, it is no wonder why it’s so beneficial as a Wake and Bake strain. Super Jack is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a lineage stemming from Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer. The combination of these popular Sativa dominant strains results in medicine that will likely cause any unwanted anxiety to melt away and enable you to get through your day without unnecessary distractions. Super Jack is very uplifting and will provide a boost of energy with each and every hit.

The Name ‘Super Jack’ Says it All

This strain really is best summed up by it’s namesake: Super Jack. Everything that I have come to know and love about the classic Jack Herer strain is in full force; it’s smooth, smells super sweet, and is highly effective in minimizing stress. Although the flowers wouldn’t make up the prettiest of bouquets, the dusting of trichomes and orange hairs just scream potency. Lab tests confirm this, with this specific batch of Super Jack testing at 20% Total THC.

The classic Jack Herer aroma and taste really shines through strong. It’s amazing.

Medical marijuana patients can expect an uplifting, almost euphoric high that is very exciting. At the same time though, the strain has the ability to clear your mind of any unwanted stress. Known to be very effective when used for anxiety, depression, stress, headaches, and migraines. The effects seem to last for hours and simply fade away without any crash or “come-down.” This marriage of two classic Sativa strains has produced an effective medicine; try it and you’ll be ready to tackle the day ahead.

Super Jack Sets the Tone for the Day

I picked this strain up with the expectation of it being my go-to, all-day strain. The Super Jack strain did not disappoint. When I first woke up I decided to pack a little bit into the Vapexhale for a medicating session. The vapor was very easy to enjoy, with its smooth sweet taste coupled with undertones of fruity pine. Just one bowl-pack generated an uplifting high that lasted for hours without a crash and was great for dealing with potential stress.

Sweet Sativa strains like this are some of my favorite ones to medicate with; I certainly plan on grabbing more Super Jack for my morning medicating sessions.

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