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White Fire OG Made Storytelling Impossible

Matthew Price October 24, 2012
  • White Fire Marijuana Strain
  • White Fire Marijuana Strain
  • White Fire Marijuana Strain
  • White Fire Marijuana Strain

White Fire OG genetics are believed to be Fire OG and White Rhino making this a Indica-dominant Hybrid. This batch of White Fire had buds that were glittering with trichomes. Strong piney taste accompanied by an instant head rush. Only a few minutes later the White Fire will set in and begin to make your limbs heavy.

“Lab tested at just 18.1%, White Fire OG hits much, much harder than the numbers indicate.”

White Fire OG seems to be one of the only strains that really really makes you forget things that just happened! Several people claim they could not hold long conversations when medicating with this strain, as it puts you on a mental ride that is too much to contain in a structured conversation. It’s one of those strains that gets you excited when you see it pop up on the dispensary menu; because if you are like me, you like strains that take just one puff to get medicated.

You may notice that this batch of White Fire OG may need trimmed slightly. Of course, this didn’t affect the quality of the smoke session in any way, it just would have been nice to get perfect buds for the price we were paying.

The grinder broke open an aroma so strong that it made everyone stop what they were doing and notice that someone was rolling marijuana in the room. Always a good sign that the bud is going to be top quality. In all, White Fire is a strong, well-rounded strain, that creates a euphoric buzz, and will leave you excited for the next hit.

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