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POP Naturals High CBD CO2 Oil Cartridges
Medical marijuana patients seeking cannabis extracts for relief from their ailments are in luck — especially those living in California. Every day, more and more quality cannabinoid extracts are being put on the shelves in dispensaries across the Golden State, giving many patients a plethora of options when they enter their local dispensary. “Unlike some pre-filled cartridges and hash oils, this product is solvent free, which means it does not contain any traces of butane, alcohol, glycol, or glycerin.” Today I walked into my own local dispensary here in Los Angeles looking for a cannabis extract to try that may …
Gogi OG x SFV OG Shatter By HGH Extractions
Available to medical marijuana patients as a half gram or full gram donation, HGH Extractions offers a wide variety of cannabis concentrates including this recent batch of Gogi OG x SFV OG shatter. HGH (Haters Gunna Hate) Extractions Based in the Los Angeles area, HGH Extractions work with some of the top collectives in the state of California to provide connoisseur-quality concentrates to medical marijuana patients. Their Lemon OG shatter has become a favorite among the locals, winning them a number of awards at industry-leading competitions. In fact, HGH has been one of my personal go-to concentrate …


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