Jonathan, an activist from the start, is the founder of The World Cannabis Club, which is on the forefront of forming alliances within the cannabis community in order to apply synergy to the country’s upcoming cannabis industry. Jonathan is the founder of Enchantment Isle Consulting, Inc., a government cannabis media solutions and strategic communications group. A veteran of the U.S. Navy special ops AIRR community, he has first hand knowledge of the tremendous medical benefits of cannabis. Jonathan is a caregiver at heart, having selflessly risked his life every day for others this is what he does best. He’s been working alongside movement professionals bringing his expertise to benefit the masses. He first became a true activist on his first visit to Amsterdam in 1999. He fell in love with the atmosphere of tolerance, and the acceptance of medical cannabis in hospitals. He then decided to live in Amsterdam for two months after graduating college in 2003. While abroad, he absorbed all of the grow techniques he could from Holland’s master growers and made connections with key coffee shop owners. He then took this knowledge back with him to South Florida, the indoor grow capital of the world. After serving in the military, he moved to the tri-state area and founded the World Cannabis News Network and the World Cannabis Club, a world cannabis culture hub, while working to move the nation in the direction of wider medical access as well as full legalization reform. He has taken classes at the Harvard Business School, What is a Leader?, and Influencing and Motivating Others. Jonathan is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and has held civil-service positions at the Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center in New Jersey.

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