Retailer Partnership Overview

Our Commitment

Transparent Pricing

Medical Jane will always present the best offers to our visitors regardless of any financial incentive that we may receive as a company. No level of advertising, sponsorship or payment will ever prioritize a business over any other at the expense of cost-savings or inconvenience to the end-user. However, in the event that multiple retailers do have the same offer, we may prioritize them based on our commission performance or other incentives.

Retailer Responsibilities

Authorized Reseller

It is our expectation that any products a retailer carries are through authorized relationships with the manufacturers, allowing customers to take full advantage of the factory warranty. If there are certain brands in which those relationships do not exist, we will remove the “Authorized Reseller” badge from applicable products. Failure to disclose this information will result in the retailer being removed from our program.

Shipping Costs

In order to provide a transparent cost estimate to visitors, we need to understand the details of each retailer’s shipping policies both in the United States and internationally. We encourage all retailers to explore flat-rate options that are easy for users to compare regardless of where they are located.

Tax Jurisdictions

Our price comparison tool will always take into account the country, region and postal code in which the user is located to determine their effective cost with tax and shipping included. All retail partners must provide a list of localities in which their government would consider a “nexus” for tax purposes. Generally speaking, this would be the state in which there is an office or warehouse, as well as the postal code of those same locations.

Medical Jane Coupon Codes

We encourage retailers to provide us with a unique coupon code or incentive that can be offered to users in those tax jurisdictions to offset the tax-burden. Otherwise, those listings will always be shown below other retailers who sell the same product for the same price without sales tax.