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Congress Passes New Spending Measure To Help End Federal Marijuana Prohibition
Congress Passes New Spending Measure To Help End Federal Marijuana Prohibition
Congress passed a 1,603 page federal spending measure this past Saturday evening that had a …
4 days ago
The 2014 Emerald Cup Winners Announced, Event Recap
The 2014 Emerald Cup Winners Announced, Event Recap
The Emerald Cup is all about celebrating the Emerald Triangle in North California and the wealth of quality …
6 days ago
Introducing The Great American Smokeout
Introducing The Great American Smokeout
Today is The American Cancer Society’s annual Great American Smokeout.  The organization …
1 month ago

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Featured Strains

Godfather Purps Marijuana Strain
Godfather Purps Cannabis Strain Review
Known for its stunningly bright purple buds, Godfather Purps is an Indica-dominant strain brought to you by  …
3 months ago
Strawberry Banana Marijuana Strain
Strawberry Banana Cannabis Strain Lives Up To Its Name
One of the most unique strains I have ever reviewed, Strawberry Banana is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of …
3 months ago
Chernobyl Marijuana Strain
Chernobyl: Extremely Potent Cannabis Strain With An Exceedingly Sweet Terpenoid Profile
Originating from TGA Subcool Seeds, the Chernobyl strain of cannabis is known for its heavy-hitting, yet calming effects …
3 months ago

Latest Product Reviews

Ghost Vaporizer (SOURCE Vaporizers)
Review: The Ghost Multi-Functional Vaporizer Pen By SOURCEvapes
Vaporizing, as it applies to cannabis, is the process of …
1 week ago
Alfa Vaporizer (Goboof)
Goboof Alfa: An Easy-To-Use Portable Vaporizer
Many herbs contain sought-after components that can be attained through the act of smoking. However, smoking comes with …
1 week ago
Haze Vaporizer (Haze Technologies)
Introducing The First Portable Vaporizer With Dual Bowls
For those who are searching for an alternative to smoking, you may want to check out a portable …
3 weeks ago

Cannabis Classroom

4 Mind Blowing Ways Marijuana Can Help Your Brain
Posted: December 14, 2014
1. Cannabinoids In Marijuana Help Your Brain Grow Did you know that your brain never really stops growing? Through a process called neurogenesis, new brain cells are constantly being created. Surprisingly, marijuana can assist in this process: a …
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