San Francisco: 3rd Annual International Cannabis & Hemp Expo

San Francisco: 3rd Annual International Cannabis & Hemp Expo

The 3rd Annual International Cannabis & Hemp Expo (INTCHE) is being held at the San Francisco Civic Center Plaza on September 7th, 2013.

INTCHE’s day-long event next weekend will run from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. in front of City Hall. The venue will cost $20 to get in and will feature over 100 vendors as well as notable speakers such as Former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

The former president will be speaking about the impact of legalizing marijuana in the war against the drug cartels. Other speakers include horticulturist, author & publisher, Ed Rosenthal, and San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano.

 “We’re incredibly honored, grateful, and proud to bring INTCHE to downtown San Francisco.” – Melinda Neal

The purpose of the expo is to raise cannabis awareness and educate people on the differences between industrial hemp, recreational cannabis and the cannabis people are using as “medicinal cannabis”. INTCHE hopes to show the public the medicinal benefits of the plant in an attempt to advance the hemp industry as a whole.

Since the event is not going to be held on private property, this makes INTCHE one of the first medical cannabis events a city has welcomed with open arms. “We’re incredibly honored, grateful, and proud to bring INTCHE to downtown San Francisco,” Expo organizer Melinda Neal told Smell The Truth.

The event will also include the third annual Connoisseurs Cup, a competition to see who has the best cannabis in San Francisco. The competition will be held inside of the event’s prop-215 area, where adults with their doctors recommendations can taste samples from San Francisco’s top dispensaries.

Physicians will be on-site working with adults (with valid identification) to fill recommendations as well.

For vending, volunteer and general inquiries, please visit their website at visit their website or email them directly at

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