The Inaugural Flameworkers’ Open House at Pacific Art Glass

The Inaugural Flameworkers’ Open House at Pacific Art Glass

For those of you in the LA Area who have been interested in blowing glass, listen up. Pacific Art Glass hosted an open house this July 19th from 1pm – 6pm, and they are preparing to offer a whole new sub-section of flame working classes.

Pacific Art Glass Hosts Glassblowing Open House

With new classes starting August 2nd, Pacific Art Glass will offer a series of flame working classes taught by certified scientific glassblower Leland Lemar Srygley. The classes will teach basic skills in solid shaping, hollow shaping, color application, and hollow seals.

“We’re trying to improve the industry for the artisans. We’re ready to party.” – John, Pacific Art Glass

This weekend’s open house was intended to help promote these upcoming classes while providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to blow glass alongside skilled professional glassblowers who have already made a name for themselves in the industry.

glass Explaining what drives him to hold such an event, John, the owner of Pacific Art Glass, had the following to say: “We’re trying to improve the industry for the artisans. We’re ready to party.”

Glassblowing is gaining wider audience appeal with the increasing acceptance of cannabis, and we are seeing an increasing number of glassblowing schools throughout the country. If you are interested in the magic of blowing glass, the open house was a great chance to take a stab at it without too much commitment.

Appearances from D-wreck, Chris Vertigo, Mr. V, Amy Canada Ellenhorn, Lamar, Pakoh, and many more locally acclaimed glassblowers made the Pacific Art Glass open house quite the opportunity to learn from some of the best.

To register for the new flame working classes, go to

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