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Purple Trainwreck: My Natural Pain Relief Go-To

Matthew Price November 21, 2012
  • Purple Trainwreck Marijuana Strain

Purple Trainwreck genetics can be linked to a cross between Granddaddy Purple  and Trainwreck, making this a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. Violet buds with even darker red hairs makes this strain intriguing to the eye. Trainwreck is known to be a powerful pain reliever.

There is something special about Trainwreck that makes it very successful for aiding body ailments.

We have heard several patients say that it is the only strain they medicate with.The genetics for Trainwreck itself consist of Mexican, Afghani, and Thai strains; all constructed together into a sweet tasting strain that was developed and grown in Humboldt county.

Purple Trainwreck is slightly different than Trainwreck in that it is infused with GDP. This gives the marijuana strain a smooth berry flavor and more of a purple tint than you are used to seeing from Trainwreck by itself. The Granddaddy Purple also brings more of an uplifting feeling than most Indica strains, making the overall experience of Purple Trainwreck very enticing for those dealing with pain.

Thick and tasty smoke, sure to produce a small cough from the expansion in your lungs. Always creates a very tranquil zone almost instantly. Perfect for all-day pain relief or if you have more energy and are feeling adventurous, this strain is perfect for exploring the great outdoors.

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Purple Trainwreck


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