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Strawberry Diesel: Top Wake & Bake Strain

Matthew Price November 17, 2012
  • Strawberry Diesel Marijuana Strain
  • Strawberry Diesel Marijuana Strain
  • Strawberry Diesel Marijuana Strain
  • Strawberry Diesel Marijuana Strain

The lineage of Strawberry Diesel can be linked to the combination of NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough.

I’m writing this Strawberry Diesel strain review with a big smile on my face… and for good reason.

“Strawberry Diesel definitely lives up to its’ name; this strain tastes and smells exactly like a batch of wild strawberries.”

 This Sativa strain left us highly impressed by it’s beautifully manicured, trichome-smothered nugs. Beautiful bursts of purple can be seen on the purple flowers, hiding beneath the orange fuzz.

This sativa is highly potent, highly tasty, and a great day strain because of the clear head it will provide you for long hours without any crash. Hands down one of my favorite flowers in the past year, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on this medication, stock up. After all, these beautiful Strawberry Diesel buds left us nearly speechless each time we get a new batch to review.

An all around masterpiece, this Sativa strain makes medicating in the morning a no-brainer. Strawberry Diesel is bound to become more and more popular as patients have access to it. It’s strong strawberry smell and taste will make this strain famous and act as its trademark characteristic. I’m sure patients will love this clear-headed medicine as much as we do here at Medical Jane. Strawberry Diesel is one of the only strains to ever receive a perfect 10/10 rating.

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Strawberry Diesel


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