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White Widow Very Popular In Amsterdam, For Good Reason

Matthew Price November 5, 2012

White Widow genetics can be linked to a Brazilian Sativa and a resin-heavy Indian Indica. Frequently mentioned in the television show Weeds, White Widow is a hybrid strain that is very popular both in America and abroad. Found in most Amsterdam coffee shops, White Widow buds produce an entrancing, full-bodied effect, and are typically smothered in shiny, white trichomes.

The White Widow Strain Packs a Powerful Punch

White Widow seems to coat your throat instantly with a sweet and sugary smoke that starts off very light but expands heavily… so prepare to cough. The effects of this Sativa-dominant Hybrid are complex, yet enjoyable. I always have a great time medicating with White Widow.

“White Widow creates a full-bodied buzz that is uplifting, yet thought-provoking; perfect for social gatherings or going on adventures.”

Do not under-estimate the White Widow marijuana strain. Although this strain looks soft and sweet, she packs a punch that can easily put you in a stoney trance, although this really depends on things like your tolerence level, how much you ingest, how you consume it, how its grown, what cut of White Widow you have, and much more (there are simply too many factors to list).

White Widow Marijuana Strain

Considered by many to have a 60% Sativa (Mind) / 40% Indica (Body) ratio, the White Widow strain is full-bodied medicine that can be a bit spacey. This makes it popular among patients suffering from anxiety, PTSD, chronic aches and pains, as well as migraines.

All of those medicinal benefits wrapped up in a delicious sweet-tasting smoke and you start to realize why the White Widow marijuana strain is so well-known and ubiquitous in the cannabis community.

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