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G-13: Pure Indica Stemming From Legend

Matthew Price January 8, 2013
  • G-13 Marijuana Strain
  • G-13 Marijuana Strain

G-13 (or G13) is a pure Indica that was supposedly grown by the Government using pure Afghani clones. It is widely known for its unique ability to provide full-body pain-relief with very little to no physical fatigue or feelings of heaviness. A very uplifting Indica that patients like to medicate with all day.

The Legend Of The G-13 Cannabis Strain

“G13 is considered by many to be a great day-time Indica that eases body ailments but keeps the mind crystal clear.”

The legend of G-13 begins at research facility located in rural Mississippi in the late 1960′s and early 70′s where the Government was developing marijuana strains with help from the University of Mississippi. Here, they grew many different plants in hopes of developing a super Indica.

These pure Afghani clones were supposedly labeled as G-1 to G-23. Each clone had slightly different characteristics and performed differently. It is rumored that G-13 was the most stable of these 23 different clones.

Rumor has it, that a man named Neville Schoenmaker got in contact with someone working at the facility that was known to be a bit of a rebel. One way or another, Neville eventually convinces this research assistant to provide a sample of G-13 to inspect — which is then spread all over the United States through Neville’s pre-established network of growers and connections.

G-13 Used As Medicinal Strain

G13 is one of those strains that provides the medicinal qualities of cannabis Indica without the “trippy” psychoactive effects most patients are so used to from cannabis. Definitely not considered heavier medicine for the body with the clear mind. Most popular among patients for treating chronic pain relief, lupus, inflammation, stomach issues, and general loss of appetite.

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