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Pandoras Box Has Been Opened

Matthew Price November 30, 2012
  • Pandoras Box Marijuana Strain

Pandoras Box genetics come from Jack the Ripper and Space Queen So I guess it’s no wonder why this potent Sativa is such a hit with medical marijuana patients who appreciate a strong head-high.

“Pandoras Box created an entrancing head-high that let the mind wander without worry — making this strain good for my anxiety.”

I continually found myself “snapping back” into reality wondering how much time I just spent in that deep, random thought. Although this lack of focus may sound like a bad thing, the easing of your mind will reduce your stress levels, relax your nerves, and improve the rest of your day.

The picture shows a full eighth (3.5 gram) bud I got from my second favorite dispensary in San Diego. This thick bud was really leafy but hit really smooth out of my Toro. Although this batch lacked in the flavor category, Pandoras Box tasted like a mix between citrus, Jack Herer, and pineapple. Pandoras Box comes highly suggested to patients looking to add a powerful Sativa strain to start their day.


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Pandoras Box


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