The O.Pen Portable Vaporizer Pen Review

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Although we are not to keen on the whole vaporizer pen fad right now, we have to give it to the team at O.pen Vape; this is one of the easiest pen vaporizers to use. Unfortunately, the O.Pen Vape is only available in the states of Colorado, Washington, and my lovely state of California at the few dispensaries that carry them. This is because they work using disposable cartomizers that are pre-filled with CO2 oil from their partner companies, Organa Labs and MedWest.

The O.Pen Vape sells for just $25, but does not include a cartridge. Cartridges are typically sold for $30 for a half gram and $50 for a whole gram. However, I have seen some dispensaries host a special deal where they give you the pen for free with the purchase of a gram cartridge — not bad.

The O.Pen Vape comes with a dead battery (internal) that requires a full charge before using. When you plug the battery into the USB, the light on the charger will turn red to let you know it’s charging. When the pen is finished charging the light will turn green and the pen is ready to be used.

“No buttons, no filling bowls, just inhale and let the O.Pen Vape do the work.”

After you have your pen charged, just screw the cartridge in and you are ready to vape.  The harder you inhale, the bigger of a hit you will get. After 8 seconds the pen will shut off automatically leaving you with the perfect sized puff.

The O.Pen Vape also has a stylus on the end of it so you can use it on your iPad while you vaporize and watch your YouTube videos.

The O.Pen Vape Cartridges Are An Issue

The cartridge system is one of the only issues I have with the O.Pen Vape. First off, the whole system is very restricting. I only have about 2-3 dispensaries that I can purchase an oPen from, and even the places that do have them, only carry limited strains most of the time. You cannot put dry herb or your own wax in the pen either, which is kind of a let down (easily at least). I’ve heard that it is possible to dissolve your wax into the Polyethylene Glycol and do it yourself, but who has time for that?

open vaporizerFurthermore, the oil in the pen is typically not very strong even though the company claims that there is approximately 120mg of active cannabinoids per .3g. It takes a good 3 or 4 big puffs to get properly medicated. And the worst part is, the oil doesn’t taste like the strain that it is supposed to be! All the cartridges (Indica, Sativa and Hybrids) generally taste the same and have a sort of chemically tinge. However, this only goes for the cartridges that we have tried in California. When we were in Colorado for the Cannabis Cup we tried an O.Pen at their booth and it tasted just like a piney OG strain. The difference was night and day.

We spoke with the manufacturers of the oil that fills the cartridges and they informed us that this is because of the quality of the initial product that is being infused into the CO2 oil. They explained to us that in Colorado, where dispensary owners are required to grow a certain percentage of their cannabis in-house (70-30 rule), the O.Pen cartridges sold at any particular dispensary are infused with whatever flower that dispensary provides.

In California, where the 70-30 laws do not exist, the O.Pen company struggles to meet the demand because dispensary owners are less willing to run sugar buds and high quality flowers because they cannot afford to. The business plan is different in California for that reason. Instead of dispensaries providing flower for their own cartridges, Organa Labs and MedWest each source their own trim and run large quantity batches to keep up with the high demand. They recognize the fact that the taste may not be the best in California, but they aren’t doing bad with what they have available to them, so we commend them for that.

Although the pens may not taste the best, the effects are always true to their name. The Sativa strains will still be uplifting and the indica will still get you stoned and make you tired. However, the flavors of the individual strains are generally indistinguishable. I could hardly detect a difference in taste between different sativa and indica cartridges.

Many people have complained about spills and leaks online, but we have not experienced any of these issues. We are not sure if this has to do with improper usage, rough shipping, or if it is a manufacturing error. Nonetheless, most of the people said they got their cartridges replaced for free by the dispensary they bought it from if they had an issue.

I also noticed that the 007 OG cartridge that I had more drag than the Maui Wowie or the Chocolope cartridges. I found a few people complaining about this on a forum as well.

O.Pen Vape from O.Pen Vape

The Pros Of The O.Pen Vape

  • No button to operate the O.Pen Vape. This is one of the best features of this vape, it is the easiest vaporizer to use on the market.
  • No heat up time at all or multiple presses of a button. No buttons means no accidental vapes in your pocket too.
  • Strain specific CO2 extracted honey oil
  • New atomizer with every cartridge so the heating elements always stay fresh
  • Automatic shut off after 8 seconds for the “Perfect puff”
  • Some dispensaries (Point Loma) are offering the pen for free with the purchase of two cartridges ($25/pc)
  • The pen fits comfortably in your pocket and is only an inch or so longer than most phones. If you have problems fitting it in your pocket you can always unscrew the cartridge and then the two pieces.
  • The battery lasts forever. I can go 4-5 days of heavy use without having to charge the O.Pen Vape. Since the pen charges by USB it is really easy to charge.
  • The cartridges are interchangeable so you can use your sativa cartridge during the day and indica at night (or whenever you please, I enjoy OG’s during the day)
  • LED lights on the bottom of the pen that light up when you hit it and charge it.
  • Lifetime warranty. It breaks, you get a new one if you buy a new cartridge.
  • Even has a stylus on the end for further functionality

My Complaints About The O.Pen Vape

  • The O.Pen Vape uses plastic cartomizers, which cannot be healthy. But since the unit doesn’t get very hot, I don’t think this is much of a problem (especially since you change them every week or so anyways).
  • The cartridge system is very restrictive. Doesn’t allow you to easily load your own essential oils into the cartridge. It also limits you to whatever the dispensary near you has in stock for cartridges.
  • I wish that the concentrates in the cartomizers were lab tested, and had cannabinoid profiles on the packaging.
  • The oil in the pen is typically not very strong in California. It takes a good 3 or 4 big puffs to get properly medicated.
  • Takes a long time to charge: 3-4 hours
O.Pen Vape from O.Pen Vape

Final Thoughts About The O.Pen Vape

Despite O.Pen Vape’s minor distribution flaws and limited availability, I think the O.Pen will be one of the most popular portable vaporizers in no time. Once people can figure out how to load cartridges with their own wax, the possibilities are endless. Until then, we are going to have to just get what we can from the few dispensaries that carry the O.Pen products and hope that they come up with something soon.

The O.Pen Vape is perfect for older patients with joint pain or poor eyesight and cannot deal with the troubles of loading, pressing buttons and cleaning like you do with typical pen vaporizers. The affordability and ease of use definitely make up for whatever the pen lacks in taste, and the discreetness is without opposition.

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