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Dream Queen Is A Very Spacey Hybrid

Matthew Price July 10, 2013
  • Dream Queen Marijuana Strain
  • Dream Queen Marijuana Strain

When the Blue Dream and Space Queen strains are intertwined genetically, the result is a pungent smelling Hybrid popularly known as Dream Queen.

With a tasty vapor and bold aroma, the Dream Queen strain clouds the room with smells of spicy fruit and blueberry frost — easily deserving the 10/10 rating for smell it has been assigned. I could hardly contain myself after putting my nose into the full Dream Queen jar at my local dispensary.

“The smell was so amazingly spicy, I found myself contemplating about purchasing at least a zip of this to run into some really high-quality concentrate.”

Dream Queen’s overwhelming lineage provides a powerful hit that is spacey and can be a bit tiring when medicating with larger amounts. This makes the Dream Queen strain popular for its ability to provide minor pain relief, a positive outlook on life that seems to remove stress and anxiety, as well as instant gratification from the smell and taste of what you are medicating with.

As you can see from the strain pictures we snapped, the Dream Queen strain looks very much like a Hybrid. The bud structure is not completely dense (like Cannabis Indica) nor airy (like Cannabis Sativa).

Each Dream Queen bud is completely covered in sparkling trichome heads, which are thankfully still attached perfectly to the well-trimmed bud. As always, my first impulse is to grab a small bud and stick it into the Cloud VapeXhale to get a full taste-test without the harmful effects of smoking & combustion. Take my word for it, this strain tastes phenomenal when it is grown, harvested, flushed, dried, and cured correctly.

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