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The VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer Review

Though we had a number of vaporizers on the table at our most recent expo event, in addition to a few nice pieces of glass from Wicked Sands and Silika, eyes were consistently drawn to the Cloud by VapeXhale. When we ran into the VapeXhale team before the event, they were nice enough to hook us up with a demo unit for everyone to try out at the 2-day event, fully equipped with their SSFG Hydraline Package (featured in all pictures).

The Cloud by VapeXhale is one of the only all-glass vaporizers on the market, and is the only vaporizer to combine water pipe technology with vaporizing (in one unit) to provide moisture-conditioned vapor. The all glass pass-through and the water filtration provides for some of the coolest, tastiest vapor we have experienced from a vaporizer. While the water filtration may not be ideal for some, this unit is perfect for users with sensitive throats or lungs. The Cloud is also ideal for people with arthritis or joint pain because VapeXhale designed it to be used with one hand.

VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

Most notably, since this vaporizer uses a 18.8mm fitting it can be used with any existing water pipe with a 18.8mm joint. VapeXhale (VXL) also offers the CloudBuddy, which is an adapter tool for 14.4mm pieces. This is one of the biggest selling points for the Cloud Vaporizer in our opinion.

Since the VapeXhale Cloud (w/ Standard Glass Mouthpiece) retails for $449.99 (depending on which HydraTube you choose), we realize this is somewhat of an investment. Although the unit doesn’t have the ability to blow up bags or use a whip, we believe that the clean and cool vapor produced by the Cloud is unrivaled at the moment. It has quickly made its way into our heavy rotation here at Medical Jane.

VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

The basic package includes 1 VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer, 2 EZ Load Bowls (ELB), and 1 HydraTube of your choice (prices will vary accordingly). It is important to note that the unit does not include the HydraTube Stand (which is very useful, see complaints), CloudBuddy, or any other accessories.

What is the VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer?

The VapeXhale Cloud is the first vaporizer to merge water pipe technology with vaporizing. The Cloud encompasses many of the qualities buffs appreciate in a stationary vaporizer, but adds the artistic feel that glass enthusiasts crave with VapeXhale’s wide selection of percolated HydraTubes. The HydraTubes (patent pending) are offered in a variety of models and are designed by some of the most well distinguished glass blowers in the game, such as Swagger Glass, Luke Wilson, Sovereignty, StoneGlassWorks, and Vertigo Glass.

VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

The difference between the Cloud and other vaporizers lies in their patent pending PerpetuHeat System (PHS) and all-glass vapor path, which provides unaltered and tasty vapor with every draw. The PerpetuHeat System provides for a constant supply of heat so that the temperature is not altered by inhale speed. This problem of heat degradation is a common problem with a lot of the vaporizers we have used in the past. A lot of them require you to inhale slowly for heavier vapor, and more quickly for cooler less dense vapor. With the Cloud, “you always get thick and tasty vapor no matter if you have the lungs of an Olympic swimmer or those of an octogenarian.” And apparently they have both for customers, so they would know.

The PHS system is completely separated from the vapor path, and is actually wrapped around the exterior of the glass air path. The Cloud works by heating the air passing through the all-glass pathway as the user inhales (convection vaporizing). The warmed air is then passed over the dry-herb, creating a smooth vapor. We love that the air never passes over a heating source in this whole process. This is how we know vapor enthusiasts designed this product.

This is true vaporization. Take notes competitors.

How To Use The VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

  1. Turn the unit on by flipping the (left/right) switch to the right, and turn the knob to the 12 o’clock recommended position. Look down the unit, the light will turn red, this is how you know the unit is on and heating up. Once the light turns green, the Cloud is preheated and ready to vaporize; about 2-3 minutes.
  2. Take your EZ Load Bowl and fill it with your favorite herb (finely ground is better). Pack it about ¾ of the way up.
  3. Take the cap and place it on the top of the chamber to seal it shut, then place it back in the top of the unit.
  4. Place your HydraTube back on the glass fitting and you’re ready to vaporize.
  5. Inhale at whatever speed you would like until you begin to produce vapor. The first hit will be mostly flavor, then heavier vapor will begin to form. To clear the tube, simply pull it off of the glass fitting and continue to inhale.

There are tons of helpful how-to videos provided on the VapeXhale YouTube series as well as previews of all the HydraTubes and accessories like the CloudBuddy.

Since we know everyone is going to ask, the Cloud can be used with concentrates and essential oils as well. While it is better to drop some of your favorite essential oil on some herb in the cartridge, we found that you can even drip it straight into the cartridge to vaporize. While this may leave your unit and cartridge a bit sticky, it is worth the clean up.

Why We Love The VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

The glass on glass delivery system in the Cloud provides for some of the most pure and tasty vapor we have experienced. This is what puts the Cloud in a separate weight class of its own. Since the PerpetuHeat System (PHS) is wrapped around the glass pass-through, the air never passes over a heating element. This provides for true convection vaporizing which cannot be found on many existing units.

Additionally, the PHS allows for you to inhale as hard as you want without the temperature decreasing. This is because as you inhale, the system adjusts to provide consistent heat so you get milky rips of thick vapor no matter how hard you pull. This is also something you don’t get with many other vaporizers.

VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

This vaporizer also has the ability to be turned upside down and stuck in any existing 18.8mm water pipe. From my searches on YouTube, this seems to be more popular than buying the upgraded HydraTubes (I couldn’t find many videos of the upgraded HydraTubes from users other than the VapeXhale employees). VapeXhale even sells the CloudBuddy, which is an adapter tool to make the Cloud work with 14.4mm.

Aside from all of VapeXhale’s proprietary technology, the simplicity of design and ability to use the unit with one hand from start to finish really sets this vaporizer apart. VapeXhale definitely had those with painful joints or any type of immobility in mind when designing this vaporizer.

Lastly, the VapeXhale Cloud comes with a one-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects.

Drawbacks of the VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

It was honestly pretty hard to find some real drawbacks of the VapeXhale Cloud. At first I was kind of disappointed that the unit could only be used with the HydraTubes. However, after we used the Cloud one time all of those cares went right out the window. While being able to blow up a bag is great and all, you simply don’t get the cool tasty vapor from a bag like you do from the Cloud.

“The only functional problem we have had with the Cloud is that the glass-on-glass connections sometimes get stuck when they get wet and/or too hot.”

When you go to clear your hit and take the HydraTube off the top of the unit, the tube will get stuck until you hold the base down with your other hand and force the two apart (twist and pull, don’t pull straight up). The glass pass even came up out of the base a few inches in some instances where people pulled up too hard to clear their hit.

We would like to see a small LED light on the front of the unit in order to let you know that the unit is in turned on. While the green/red light on the inside of the unit is helpful for knowing when the Cloud is preheated, a small read-out on the front of the unit would be useful. Even a tiny LED would suffice. It is difficult to see the color of the inside of the unit in a brightly lit room. The unit actually turned off a few times on us at the Cup even though the power switch was in the ON position. We had no idea it was turned off and we thought it broke on us. It turned out all we had to do was turn the unit off and on again (typical).

VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer

Like we said before, it is possible to vaporize your essential oils and extracts in the Cloud. However, when you do be sure to clean up your EZ Load Bowl and glass connections when you are done with your session. Otherwise everything will be sticky and hard to work with, especially the EZ Load Bowl (ours got stuck in the unit one night when we left it uncleaned and in the Cloud VapeXhale overnight).

Lastly, we have a few small complaints that could easily be addressed by VapeXhale. We would really like to see the HydraFoot stands come with the unit. For close to $600, it would be a shame for my SSFG HydraLine tube to crash to the ground because I was trying to balance it on my desk as I pack a bowl. We don’t appreciate it when companies nickel and dime their customers when people are already paying top dollar for their product. Just something to consider.

A Perfect Combination Of Old & New School Techniques

While this is a great vaporizer for the vapor enthusiast, it also appeals to the smoker who can’t put down his old percolated water pipes. The “artistic flair” is present as well for all those who appreciate fine glasswork. The Cloud is the perfect combination of old school and present day vaporizing in our opinion. Although the price could be a bit lower, the quality is definitely there to back up the price with this vaporizer.

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