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Ogre: A Monster Marijuana Strain

Matthew Price February 7, 2013
  • Ogre Marijuana Strain
  • Ogre Marijuana Strain

The ultimate way to end the night in a deep, stoney trance.

Ogre really is as heavy as it gets; an Indica-dominant hybrid stemming from Master Kush and Bubba Kush.

Powerful genetics give this strain a memorable smoke session that tends to put patients to sleep, allowing even the sickest patients to rest. I’ve personally tried Ogre a few times with mixed feelings, but when I gave a call to my favorite dispensary in San Diego and asked how it was, I was told it was a “must-try” marijuana strain on their menu. Needless to say, Stu (from Alpha Medic) hooked me up with a great batch of medicine that has forever changed my perception of Ogre. Wanted to post a quick thank you and give a big shout-out to Alpha Medic for always carrying top-notch buds.

Looking at the lineage of the Ogre strain…

ogrestockThe aroma of Ogre is very ‘kush-like’ with strong skunk undertones. This makes sense, because Master Kush has Skunk #1 in its genetics. This Skunk #1 plant also adds a bit of spaciness to the overall smoke session, typical of most Sativa strains.

Opposite of that, the Bubba Kush in the genetics of Ogre provides much more of a heavy (stoned) effect, typical of most Indica strains. This is because Bubba Kush stems from the extremely potent mix of OG Kush and (West Coast Dog x Old World Kush). Bubba Kush itself is known to provide fantastic pain-relief in patients, as well as fight insomnia naturally.

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