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New Poll Shows Connecticut Voters Favor Cannabis Legalization

HAMDEN, CT – A new Poll released Monday by Quinnipiac University shows that 52% of voters are in favor of legalization of marijuana in the state.

Young Voters Show Strong Support For Legalization

Connecticut is currently one of 17 states that has decriminalized marijuana. The state has been consistently updating its cannabis laws since decriminalizing the plant back in 2011. They are also in the process of developing their medical marijuana program, which was approved in 2012.

The Quinnipiac poll showed that a slim majority are in favor of overall legalization, and a large majority in favor of medical use. However, a closer look at the results shows a much larger difference in voter opinions when you consider age.

“80% of voters ages 18-29 voted in favor of legalizing cannabis.”

The Quinnipiac poll showed that 61% of voters ages 65 and older said they were against legalization, while only 30% favored it.

The younger generation of voters had a very different outlook on legalization as 80% of voters ages 18-29 voted in favor of legalizing cannabis.

Strong Support For Medical Marijuana In Connecticut

douglas schwartzA large number of Connecticut voters are in complete support of Medical Marijuana, as 90% of voters supported Marijuana for medical use.

However, Douglas Schwartz, director of the Quinnipiac Poll, points out an interesting contradiction in the results: “While 90 percent support the current law allowing medical marijuana, support drops to 69 percent who would want a medical marijuana dispensary in their town.”

Voters’ opinions about cannabis in relation to alcohol were also brought into question in the Quinnipiac poll. 61% of voters felt that alcohol was more harmful than cannabis, whereas just 16% felt marijuana is more harmful. 18% of respondents considered both substances to be equally harmful.

“Young people are overwhelmingly for it so I think it’s just a matter of time.” – Douglas Schwartz

The results from this poll reflect that while a large majority of Connecticut voters support the medical marijuana law that was passed in 2012, there is still conflict about it’s the pros and cons of legalization.

Still, Schwartz believes the change is inevitable. “Young people are overwhelmingly for it so I think it’s just a matter of time,” he explains.

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