Embracing a Patient’s Perspective

mjlogoMedical Jane serves a vital and multi-faceted role in the cannabis community. Since its founding in 2012, Medical Jane has grown to be a respected voice for patients, caregivers, and advocates of legalized cannabis. Built on the principle and ideology of always putting the needs of medical marijuana patients and their families first, Medical Jane offers an open and free collection of learning tools and educational resources through its website at MedicalJane.com. All of the work Medical Jane does, from covering hundreds of health topics to providing guidance and instruction in its digital cannabis classrooms, is focused on educating patients and their family members. The company believes that everyone should have the right to play a more active role in their own health and wellbeing, free from prejudice and retaliation.

Although building a network dedicated to cannabis has it challenges, the Medical Jane team is committed to bringing you trustworthy guidance and direction, in an unbiased way. One of the biggest challenges Medical Jane faces is debunking the plethora of false and misleading information that exists and continues to be spread about cannabis. Numerous studies show that cannabis has many medicinal benefits. Patients are stepping forward to share their success stories. Half of the states in the U.S. have passed medical marijuana bills. It is no longer possible to deny the plant’s health benefits.

Our Mission

Medical Jane is on a mission to provide free educational resources to medical marijuana patients and caregivers looking to learn more about the cannabis plant. We invite you to use Medical Jane to:

  • Decide if medical marijuana is the right choice for you or a family member
  • Learn how to properly use cannabis to promote one’s health and wellbeing
  • Decipher fact from fiction in an industry that is constantly evolving
  • Navigate the system to become a legal medical marijuana patient in your state
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest research, studies, news and changing laws in the space
  • Ease the stress of deciding what companies and products are legitimate and safe
  • Reduce the anxieties that may arise from trying something completely new – you are not alone

Join The Team

Medical Jane is always looking to collaborate with experienced individuals that are passionate about educating the masses on the cannabis plant and its potential medicinal applications. If you have any interest in joining the movement, we invite you to send us your resume.

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