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Meet Stefanie LaRue: Cancer Survivor and Medical Marijuana Advocate
This article has been updated – Stefanie LaRue died on May 31, 2017, at her home in Venice Beach, California, after a 12-year-battle with Stage IV breast cancer. In 2005, when Stefanie was only 30, a lump was found in her breast. A series of doctors misdiagnosed her, simply sending her home with antibiotics and convincing her she was too young to have breast cancer. Stefanie became a well-known, outspoken advocate for women younger than 40 with breast cancer, garnering a large online following, speaking at conferences around the country and appearing on national TV networks, including CNN and NBC, …
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Family With Suffering Children Says Cannabis Oil Treatment Needs To Be Legal
There is bad luck, and then there is the plight of Aaron and Emily Campbell of Orem, Utah, who have already watched their eldest daughter die from a rare neurodegenerative disease and can expect two more of their kids to suffer the same fate. The daughter they lost experienced a slow, painful death. As another daughter has begun to show signs of the disease, the Campbell family has turned to cannabis oil, which is illegal in their state, to ease her suffering. A Tough Road For …
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Meet The Woman Who Says She Beat Her Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil
When 54-year-old wife and mother Sharon Kelly began experiencing sharp pains on the left side of her body near her ribs, she thought it was a result of a strong massage she’d had sometime earlier, and failed to give it much thought. After several days passed and the pain failed to subside, she began to think she might be suffering from something more serious, and as it turns out, she was right. Only a few days after noticing the pain, Kelly was diagnosed with non-small-cell lung cancer, and in the weeks to come, her prognosis only worsened. Kelly was …
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Mom Says Cannabis Oil Treatments Are Helping Her Daughter Battle Pediatric Lymphoma
The use of cannabis extracts for pediatric illnesses has exploded in the past couple years. Parents of children with cancer, epilepsy, or other conditions are turning to cannabis as an often final chance at life. For many, cannabis extracts have lived up to the hype and provided incredible healing results. Hannah Eberhart’s Journey with Childhood Cancer Iowa resident Jessica Eberhart first saw signs of trouble when her daughter Hannah got sick in mid-October 2014. She had fevers, arm pain, and mobility issues. From October to December, Hannah endured a number of tests with no conclusive answers as to what was …
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Medical Cannabis Helps Jeremy Manage His Seizures
“Medicinal cannabis is saving Jeremy’s life. Such a statement seems rather dramatic doesn’t it? Honestly, there is no other way to say it,” says Jeremy’s mother, Lyn. Jeremy Suffers From Acute Viral Encephalitis Meet Jeremy, an Australian boy who contracted a virus which resulted in Acute Viral Encephalitis when he was just six years old. During this time, Jeremy had to be hospitalized for over a month and was intubated when the doctors could not find a way to control his seizures and the detrimental activity going on in his brain. In a drug-induced coma for five days, under the …
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South Carolina Girl Gets First Dose Of Cannabis Oil To Help Treat Her Seizures
A six-year old South Carolinian girl, Mary Louise, is suffering from pediatric epilepsy. Fortunately, she lives in a state where she can access cannabis in oil form. This is her story. CBD Dominant Cannabis Oil As A Seizure Treatment Given the justifiable concerns around getting children “high,” lawmakers in many other states are taking extra precautions in crafting legalization statutes. In effect, many state politicians are opting to only legalize CBD (cannabidiol), the cannabinoid they feel they can “trust,” a definite step in the wrong direction after multiple studies have proven that the …
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Arizona Superior Court Helps 5-Year-Old Zander Welton With Cannabis Extract Ruling
PHOENIX, AZ – Judge Katherine Cooper of Maricopa County this weekend made an extensive ruling of a lawsuit that permits 5-year-old Mesa boy Zander Welton, and those with similar conditions, legally able to use cannabis extracts to help treat their severe seizures from epilepsy. Zander Welton’s Battle With Epilepsy In 2010, voters of Arizona approved the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA). This was an incredible opportunity for Zander Welton and his loving parents to take advantage of Zander’s violent epileptic seizures …
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The Story Of Debbie Wilson: How Cannabis Helped Her Treat Trauma-Induced Epilepsy
Editor’s Note: Justin Kander is webmaster of the Phoenix Tears organization and author of the Comprehensive Report on the Cannabis Extract Movement, a 100-page report that examines and analyzes the mounting evidence in support of cannabis extracts as medicine. The use of high-cannabidiol cannabis extracts for rare forms of epilepsy in Colorado and other parts of the world has been growing exponentially since the release of Sanjay Gupta’s …
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The Story of Joey and Mieko Hester-Perez
Cannabis May Offer Safe, Effective Autism Treatment Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects information processing in the brain. It is often characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, as well as “stereotyped” behavior. It is estimated that 1 in 88 children are diagnosed with autism. Further, it is even more prevalent when you only consider boys, effecting 1 in 54. Despite its high rate of occurrence, little is known about autism and how it should be treated. With that said, …
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Florida Mother Leads The Push For Medical Marijuana
Mother Hopes Cannabis Will Help Her Daughter’s Epilepsy Delani Bliss Martin turned 3 years old last month. At the age of 14 months, she suffered her first seizure as a result of complex partial epilepsy. According to her mother Ashlyn, Delani has been treated with various pharmaceuticals since that time and now experiences 2-3 seizures per week. Understandably, Ashlyn often worries about the side effects associated with the medications Delani has been exposed to at such an early age. While epilepsy has not been shown to harm to one’s intelligence, there is a …
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Mother Of Colorado 3-Year-Old Sparks Medical Marijuana Debate
Doctors Require Chemotherapy Against Mother’s Wishes Landon Riddle is a 3-year-old boy living in Colorado Springs who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia just over a year ago. His mother, Sierra, has made headlines for her decision to treat Landon’s leukemia with cannabis oil in lieu of continuing chemotherapy. Despite the success of Landon’s cannabis treatment, his new oncologist is prepared to use legal action to force more chemotherapy. After Landon’s diagnosis, he began intense chemotherapy at the recommendation of his Salt Lake City doctors. However, the treatment regimen began to take a …
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Cannabidiol (CBD) Stops 7-Year-Old Jayden David’s Seizures
“Jayden’s life was being tortured by pharmaceutical drugs and from seizures,” said Jason David, father of 7-year-old Jayden who suffered from the seizures caused by his dravet syndrome nearly every day of his life until he was about five. Many of Jayden’s seizures lasted up to two hours according to Jason, who had no choice but to stand by and watch his son suffer for years of his life. This is until Jason discovered cannabidiol (CBD), the second most abundant cannabinoid found in Cannabis. Research suggests that CBD may be useful in treating symptoms of …
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Baby’s Brain Tumor Gone After Dad Puts Cannabis Oil On Pacifier for 2 Months
After 2 months of applying cannabis oil to his babies pacifier, the infants brain tumor “had shrunk so much that no chemo was needed.” “They were putting cannabinoid oil on the baby’s pacifier twice a day, increasing the dose… And within two months there was a dramatic reduction, enough that the pediatric oncologist allowed them to go ahead with not pursuing traditional therapy,” says Dr. Courtney. “Currently the child is being called a miracle baby,” says Dr. Courtney. Although a controversial subject, it is important to remember the child is healthy now and shows no signs …

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