Alex Milligan
CMO & Co-founder of Nugg
Alex is the CMO and co-founder of Nugg & NuggMD, which has helped over 70,000 people get safe & reliable access to medical cannabis in California. He and his founders started Nugg in 2015 while still attending the University of Southern California, and continue to bootstrap the company to this day purely by reinvesting profits.
Alex Cahoj
Alex Cahoj founded Evolab in 2009 with a commitment to creating pure cannabis extracts, using CO2. He has overseen thousands of extractions – without using solvents, cutting agents or diluting additives. In 2014 he established a partnership with Pic Solutions, a French chromatography company, to develop the next generation of cannabis technology. The result is the first supercritical CO2 fluid extractor designed for the cannabis market. Cahoj also has expertise in cultivation, compounding and product development. His topical pain relief product, Angel Salve, won first place at the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup.
Amy Chapman
Amy Chapman is a founder and lawyer at the Law Office of Amy Chapman. She represents clients in Santa Rosa, and Sonoma County accused of any criminal offense including DUI, domestic violence, drug and marijuana offenses, sex offenses, and all serious or violent felonies.
Alexander Ryan
Alexander Ryan is a designer and entrepreneur delighted to have joined the cannabis industry.
Austin Goodman
Austin Goodman works for Green Wall Development (“GWD”), which provides real estate and consulting services for sustainability focused business owners in the emerging cannabis market. Austin Goodman advises business owners through company formation, accounting services, budgeting, payroll, point-of-sale, fundraising, marketing, and operations. Through the acquisition and development of prime commercial real estate, we ensure your location best suites your demographic.
Aviv Junno
VP Business Development of Eybna Technologies
Aviv Junno is the VP Business Development at Eybna Technologies.
Andrea Sternberg
Cannabis Cup Staff of HIGH TIMES Magazine
My journey started with my I work at the High Times Cannabis Cups several years ago. I was a long time deliver in the healing properties of Cannabis, but though the cups and getting to know the attendees, vendors and community in general, I began to fall in love with all things Cannabis. I am opening a unique smoke shop in October 2015. Our focus is on patient education and matching mmj patients with the best medicating solution for their needs. I am also co-founder and on the board of Cannabis Access Alliance. Starting this non profit has given me …
Arthur Livermore
Arthur Livermore has a B.A. in Biology from Reed College. He studied medicine at the University of Oregon medical school before going into neurology and psychiatry research. He wrote software for the DEC PDP-12 computer to analyze neurophysiological data from schizophrenic patients. Software development projects include data collection and analysis for the Woodcock-Johnson cognitive abilities tests and the Gardenware plant labelling system. Arthur has been educating people about the medical use of cannabis for many years. He is a founding member of the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis and is their current national director.
Anndrea Hermann
Anndrea Hermann is from Joplin, Missouri she graduated from Missouri Southern State University, Joplin, MO in 2002 with a B.GS in Hemp Ecolonomics. She acquired an internship with the Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers in the summer of 2001 and in late 2003, she was selected as a Manitoban Provincial Nominee under the Unique Skilled Worker Program (Hemp Technician). Anndrea became a Canadian landed immigrate/permanent resident in 2004 and in July of 2012 she became a Canadian Citizen holding dual USA citizenship. In August of 2008 she completed a Masters of Science in Hemp Fibre Agronomy at the University of Manitoba.
AnnaMarie White
AnnaMarie White started her career at the young age of 15, becoming a Master Hand-Lettering Artist and Illustrator. Some of her work includes creating Storyboard Art for Disney, and Mobile App UI Visual Design and Illustrations for Riot Games. She most recently designed a Heads-Up Display and Fantasy Icons for a new iPad Game prototype as well as the UI Visual Design Concept and Illustrations for a new Mobile App currently in the iTunes store. Her most-loved Art projects are her Trompe L’Oeil Murals seen here at AnnaMarie loves to paint and create in peaceful surroundings, whether on the …
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