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Pennsylvania Starts Medical Marijuana Application Process for Dispensaries, Growers/Processors
Companies vying to win one of Pennsylvania’s 27 coveted medical marijuana dispensary licenses or 12 grower/processor permits can now begin the application process, state officials announced Tuesday. “This is an important step forward in getting this valuable medication to patients who desperately need it,” Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Karen Murphy said. “We’ve developed a thorough application that ensures the operators of medical marijuana grower/processor and dispensary facilities will meet our strict guidelines. Our goal is to deliver medication safely and responsibly and this application will help us do just that.” Applications are available now for download, …
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Common Sense Improvements Proposed for New Mexico’s Medical Marijuana Program
A lawmaker in New Mexico wants to make some minor, yet important changes to the state’s longstanding medical marijuana law. New Mexico’s medical marijuana program was first approved in 2007, but has seen very little changes or improvements to the program in the ten years since. But now, State Senator Cisco McSorley (D-Albuquerque) has filed a bill, Senate Bill 8, for the state’s 2017 regular legislative session, which starts this week. The bill is aimed at helping improve the experience for patients by making some common sense changes to the law. Possession and Cultivation Limits Increased The …
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North Dakota Lawmakers Push to Delay Safe Access to Medical Marijuana
Lawmakers in North Dakota are considering an emergency measure to delay implementation of the state’s voter-approved medical marijuana law, saying they were caught off guard by the measure’s passage and need “time to get this right.” North Dakota was one of four states to approve medical marijuana referendums in November, when nearly two-thirds of voters approved Question 5 — an underfunded grassroots effort that faced no opposition and received very little media attention — catching lawmakers, as well as activists, by surprise. Under Question 5, also known as the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act, patients suffering …
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Connecticut Hospice To Study Medical Marijuana As An Alternative to Opioids
According to a recent Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation survey, 1 in 3 long-term prescription painkiller users report being addicted or dependent, and abuse of opioid medications may actually open the door to heroin use. Is there a better way to treat chronic pain and not expose others to the social issues of opioid addiction? That is exactly what a federally funded medical marijuana study aims to find out, and will be the first of its kind in New England. In Connecticut alone, heroin related deaths soared from nearly 100 in 2012 to over 400 …