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New York to Allow Medical Marijuana to Treat Chronic Pain
Patients suffering from chronic pain will soon be eligible to participate in New York’s medical marijuana program state officials announced Thursday. “After conducting a thorough review of the scientific literature, it became clear that there may be certain benefits in the use of medical marijuana by patients suffering from chronic pain,” New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard A. Zucker said in a statement announcing the change. “Medical marijuana is already helping thousands of patients across New York State, and adding chronic pain as a qualifying condition will help more patients and further strengthen the program.” – …
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Illinois Cancer Patient Denied Bank Account For Using Medical Marijuana
A medical marijuana patient has been refused service at an Illinois bank because of his status as a legal medical marijuana patient. Darren Steven Miller suffers from terminal lung cancer and stage three multiple sclerosis (MS). When Illinois began implementing their medical marijuana program, he was one of the first patients to register. “This is between me and my doctor, not between me and my bank.” – Darren Miller According to Miller, The Bank of Edwardsville in Granite City, IL has refused to allow him to open a new bank account simply because he listed “marijuana activist” …
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PTSD Added as Qualifying Condition for Minnesota Medical Marijuana Program
Minnesota will soon allow those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) access to medical marijuana under the state’s medical cannabis program. Petitioners in Minnesota pushed a total of nine new health conditions for consideration this year including PTSD, schizophrenia, acquired absence of limb (phantom limb syndrome), arthritis, autism, depression, diabetes, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and insomnia. Dr. Ed Ehlinger, the Minnesota Commissioner of Health, made the announcement on Thursday. “This decision was made after careful deliberation of available evidence, consultation with experts in the field and public input,” Commissioner Ehlinger said in a statement. “While the process of …
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Medical Marijuana Wins Big on Election Night; MMJ Initiatives Sweep in Four States
On Tuesday, eight out of nine states voting on marijuana referendums approved their measures, including all four states considering medical marijuana initiatives. “This is the most momentous Election Day in history for the movement to end marijuana prohibition.” – Rob Campia, Marijuana Policy Project The states of Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota all voted to enact comprehensive medical marijuana laws, and voters in Montana essentially re-legalized medical marijuana, expanding an existing medical marijuana law that had been effectively gutted by the state legislature. Following the results of Tuesday’s elections, 28 states, and the District of Colombia, now have passed comprehensive …