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Lawsuit Pushes Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Vote Back to 2018
Supporters of a proposal to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma have filed a lawsuit calling anti-pot Republican Attorney General E. Scott Pruitt’s rewriting of their ballot question misleading, effectively ending their long-shot attempt at placing the measure before voters in November. “No elected official has the right to rewrite these ballots in such a way that he would try to unfairly influence voters. Scott Pruitt has a habit, a pattern of doing this.” – David Slane, Oklahomans for Health Oklahomans for Heath, backers of State Question 788, had collected enough signatures to qualify for the ballot …
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Disappointment in Missouri: Medical Marijuana Misses November Ballot by 23 Signatures
Voters in Missouri will not be allowed to decide on a proposal to legalize medical marijuana in the state after a court decision left supporters 23 signatures short of qualifying for the November ballot. On Tuesday, Cole County Circuit Judge Daniel Green ruled that the Missouri Secretary of State and local election authorities acted properly when they invalidated hundreds of petition signatures that had been collected by New Approach Missouri, the organization behind the measure. The reason? Supporters collecting signatures used the wrong county’s form so the signatures were declared invalid. “It is with an extremely heavy …
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What Is Your Favorite Strain’s Personality?
Article sponsored by Evolab If you are keeping up with the pace of cannabis culture, you have no doubt noticed that terpenes are showing up on shelves everywhere in different forms. Of the 50,000+ terpenes that are found in nature, over 140 of these flavorful compounds are specific to cannabis. Terpenes are found in varying combinations that give each strain its unique personality including flavor, smell, effects, and medicinal potential. Walk into a dispensary today and you will see that concentrated terpenes are being heavily marketed in tandem with a variety of cannabis concentrates (like live resin …
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Autism, PTSD Top List of Conditions Being Considered for Minnesota’s Medical Marijuana Program
The Minnesota Department of Health is currently considering adding several qualifying conditions to the state’s medical marijuana program including autism and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “The Department has held two meetings to consider conditions thus far, with a third meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 22.” Under Minnesota’s medical marijuana law, which was passed in 2014 and went into effect last year, patients can petition the Department every year to request additional conditions be considered. Petitions are accepted during a two month window each year, starting June 1 and ending July 31. A seven-member review panel then holds public …