Portrait of Tracey Shanklin


Tracey J. Shanklin is a St. Louis native she completed her education and graduated Cum Laude, with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Southern University and A&M College in 1991. Her post graduate experience included working as an Accountant/Auditor and as Marketing & Event Manager/Planner for various industries in Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland & Washington, DC.

Whether through work obligations or personal initiatives, Tracey has traveled to Europe, Africa, Canada and the Caribbean, Hawaii & Mexico and many locales in the United States. These travels have broadened her perspective and provided invaluable experience along with an expanded world view regarding culture, economy and health.

While in college, she let her voice be heard as a Community Activist beginning with the Anti-Apartheid movement of the 80’s, and various community interests along the way. In 2008, frustrated with “politics as usual” and realizing that she was the change she was waiting for, she volunteered, then promoted to campaign staffer in St. Louis, MO, managing a campaign office and 300+ volunteers for the historic election of President Barak Obama. She again answered the call when she was invited to work the re-election campaign in Winston Salem, NC in 2011.

Presently, she resides in St. Louis, MO where she is constantly producing new platforms to inform, engage and enlighten her community using her Voice Over talents to “Edu-tain” (Educate + Entertain) her audience inspiring them learn and grow. She performs alchemy combining her love of health, education, entertainment by producing local television and radio shows, children & adult story time events and her most recent venture, “the Grass Roots Channel”, an interactive blog talk radio show regarding all things Cannabis.

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