• AOTA Marijuana Strain
  • AOTA Marijuana Strain

A.O.T.A. Stands For ‘All Of The Above’

AOTA Indica (what's this?)
  • AOTA
    • Afghani x Orange Crush x Trainwreck
    • Ak47

The dispensary states that this batch of AOTA is straight from Humboldt. In fact, AOTA seems to be a California-only strain at the moment (please correct me if I’m wrong). To be honest though, by the looks of it, we would be happy regardless of where it came from. A full eighth was delivered in one large, dense bud that was tightly packed and well-trimmed. It certainly is a relief (and extremely rare) when you can order from a new dispensary for the first time and they blow past your expectations.

A Mix of the Growers’ Favorite Strains

AOTA(or A.O.T.A.) stands for ‘All Of The Above.’ However, it also is named after the four unique strains that comprise this Sativa-dominant Hybrid: Afghani, Orange Crush, Trainwreck, and AK-47.

You see, there is barely any documented history on AOTA, leading us to believe the grower was not apart of any company or large-scale grow op looking to brand itself. The rumor is that the A.O.T.A. strain was formed when a Humboldt grower mixed 7 of his favorite strains together. Over time, he eventually bread AOTA to consist predominantly of the 4 strains listed above.

A.O.T.A. is a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

The smoke from AOTA is spicy, presumably from the Trainwreck in its genetics. At the same time though, you are hit with citrus undertones; each bud tasting like sour grapefruit topped with pepper. With genetics leaning more towards the Sativa side, patients can expect AOTA to leave them feeling significantly “high”, with a soaring-head rush. Similarly, patients tend to feel a significant body buzz that gets stronger and stronger as the medicine begins to creep. This makes AOTA especially appetizing for patients looking for full-body pain relief that is full of energy and good vibes.

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