• Banana Cheese Marijuana Strain
  • Banana Cheese Marijuana Strain

Banana Cheese: Strange But Delicious Hybrid

Banana Cheese Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Banana Cheese

Okay, we know what you are thinking… banana and cheese? As strange as the combination of fruit and cheddar may sound to you, we assure you this heavy hitting Hybrid is absolutely delicious. Genetically stemming from Banana Kush (Indica) and Cheese (Hybrid), this strain is popular among patients looking for a strong pain-reliever and natural sleep-aid.

Banana Cheese creates smooth smoke with undertones of cheddar and tropical mist.

Banana Cheese is rarely found in dispensaries, at least in California, as this is the first time we have run across it for sale in over 6 months. It’s a shame too, because this is easily one of my favorite Hybrids to end the night.

Very fast acting medicine that typically comes with a very strong body buzz and an equally stoney head-rush. Very powerful medicine recommended to only the highest tolerance patients looking for a euphoric full-body melt.

Banana Cheese seems to make your eyelids heavy after just a few minutes of smoking, presumably from the Banana Kush in its genetics. It’s a unique strain with a crazy flavor and potent smoke sure to make you feel like you got your moneys worth.

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