GDP Shake Marijuana Strain

A Cheap OZ of Granddaddy Purple Shake

Granddaddy Purple is a popular strain that most cannabis lovers are already familiar with. It’s known to be a strong Indica strain that tastes exactly like berry marshmallows.

“Shake usually looks like it has already been grinded; however, some dispensaries sell top-shelf shake consisting only of small buds.”

Granddaddy Purple is frequently used a night-time strain to help patients get some rest. It is thought to help battle insomnia as well as chronic body pains. This specific review is for a big bag of GDP shake. So basically, picture a bunch of Granddaddy Purple being packaged and sold over time… there will be a lot of small buds that broke off or are too small to package and sell as top-shelf. Thus, what dispensaries do is package all of that shake up and sell it in bulk for cheap.

It’s a great solution for both the patient and the dispensary. The patients happy because you just got a huge bag of decent medicine for under $100. Awesome for making into cannabutter.

The quality of shake is usually less potent and slightly more harsh due to its nature. However, for the price it is something that most people don’t care about much. It may take more hits but since you have so much of it, does it really matter?

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