• Cali Bud Salad Marijuana Strain
  • Cali Bud Salad Marijuana Strain

Touted as “The Finest Shake in All the Land”

Announced by the dispensary as “The Finest Shake in All the Land.” After giving it a try we would have to agree. An entire ounce will set patients back just $70!

The Cali Bud Salad is a large bunch of the smallest buds and shake a dispensary collects over time.

Yes, you heard us right — just $70 for an entire ounce of premium “shake.” Personally, this doesn’t look like shake to us… but we are getting used to Cali’s higher standards.

This Cali Bud Salad is rarely for sale so when you see this you should probably stock up. Great for rolling non-stop medication as well as cooking some potent medibles on a budget. The quality of the actual buds in the shake is good, nothing great or horrible… just a ton of good bud for cheap. The economic way to stay medicated 24/7.

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