• Cherry AK47 Marijuana Strain
  • Cherry AK47 Marijuana Strain
  • Cherry AK47 Marijuana Strain

Cherry AK47: Fantastic Wake & Bake Strain

Cherry AK genetics stem from a cherry phenotype of the infamous AK47 strain (Sativa). Each of the buds are super soft to the touch, like little pillows of goodness — it’s incredible. Smothered in lots and lots of reddish orange hairs that entrap a bold cherry aroma you will never forget, the Cherry AK strain is a personal favorite of mine.

“This batch of Cherry AK is lab tested at 17.4% THC, .8% CBD, and .3% CBN.”

The Cherry AK batch I’m reviewing today was perfectly harvested and was recently lab tested at 17.4% THC, .8% CBD, and .3% CBN — which are actually relatively standard numbers these days for most high THC strains (as opposed to high CBD strains).

The smell of Cherry AK is one of the most distinct and sweet smelling buds I’ve ever tested. The room instantly fills with a bold cherry aroma that is true to its’ genetics seconds after the medicine bottle it was contained in is opened. It’s enough makes your mouth water in anticipation. Even better, is the taste of Cherry AK. As one may expect from the strain name, each draw from my portable vaporizer produces a vapor filled with an intoxicating flavor of sweet cherries like no strain I’ve come across before.

The effects from Cherry AK tend to be very uplifting, energizing, and thought-provoking when medicating with smaller quantities of the strain. However, when consuming larger quantities, some patients report Cherry AK as euphoric, entrancing, and even a bit overwhelming at times. Being a pure Sativa cut, this medical marijuana strain comes highly recommended by patients as daytime medication or early morning wake and bake sessions. If you are lucky enough to find Cherry AK, stock up. It’s certainly a rare strain that I’ve only had the pleasure of coming across a handful of times in my life.

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