• Durban Dream Marijuana Strain
  • Durban Dream Marijuana Strain

Durban Dream Cannabis Strain Review

Durban Dream Hybrid (what's this?)

Durban Dream is the tasty byproduct of Durban Poison (Sativa Landrace) and Blue Dream (50/50 Hybrid) which would make the Durban Dream strain a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. The strain is very much Sativa-like, with just a tiny bit of Blueberry (Indica) in the genetics of Blue Dream.

The Durban Dream Strain Predominantly Affects The Mind

Cannabis connoisseurs everywhere know how much Durban Poison leaves a lasting effect on your mind, as it tends to hit you like not many other Sativa strains will. A complete head rush on the inhale, the strain is known to separate body and mind, while combating stress and anxiety in patients. The buds are bright green, covered in even brighter trichomes and thick orange hairs. It looks like an extremely healthy plant to medicate with; small sativa-like buds grown well.

“For me, it broke down the walls of everything I had to do today and really allowed me to focus on what was most important to me.”

The Blue Dream gives the Durban Dream strain a slight blueberry taste on the exhale, which will likely leave you in a haze. It is not the most delicious strains we’ve tested, but its smooth, sweet-tasting vapor certainly makes for a good first impression.

What To Expect From The Durban Dream Strain

The Durban Dream strain left my mind feeling completely clear and de-cluttered, making this the perfect strain for having an open mind for new, creative thoughts. It helped me open my eyes; really see things from all types of perspectives and angles to be more objective.

Additionally, my anxiety was nearly 100% alleviated after just 1 bowl of this batch of Durban Dream. Considered by many to be good medicine for combating headaches, migraines, as well as more severe stress-related disordered like PTSD. We think it is safe to say Durban Dream will grow in popularity as more and more breeders get access to stable cuts and/or seeds.

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