• Dutch Treat Marijuana Strain
  • Dutch Treat Marijuana Strain

Dutch Treat Very Popular in Amsterdam

Dutch Treat Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Dutch Treat
    • Unknown Hybrid

A popular strain in Amsterdam, Dutch Treat is classified as a heavier hybrid estimated to be ~80% Indica. What this means is that this strain will predominantly effect your body; although, it does provide a nice initial head-rush.

Dutch Treat is known to make patients feel joyful, spiritually uplifted, and full of feelings of content.

Great for relaxing after a long day at work and for those seeking stress relief. Your body feels floaty and lightweight rather than tired, making this a unique hybrid to medicate with.

This batch smelled exactly like sausage pizza topped with a bit of citrus. The smoke is smooth as patients should expect from all top-shelf medication, although it did lack in flavor in comparison to other strains we’ve reviewed lately. A very rare strain to see in California; definitely glad we had the chance to review Dutch Treat this year.

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