• Goosh Marijuana Strain
  • Goosh Marijuana Strain

Goosh: Official Marijuana Strain Review

Goosh Indica (what's this?)
  • Goosh
    • Purple Kush
    • Afghan Goo

Goosh his strain is the offspring of Afghan Goo and Purple Kush, giving it Indica-dominant genetics. The batch of Goosh that we got to review wasn’t very captivating when we first set eyes on it, but a closer look did show off a good amount of trichomes on the buds.

Not much to say about this strain other than it tastes fresh and hits like any heavy Indica would.

The aroma had a slight berry tinge to it and the smoke was extremely tasty We loved medicating with this strain out of the bowl or the Toro. Always love strains that have effects that take hold rather quickly. A few hits into the session, we began to feel relaxed and all of our worries were immediately shoved somewhere in the back our minds, never to be thought about again. Definitely had a nice body buzz going after a few minutes.

The strong Indica genetics (Purple Kush) provide patients with some pain relief and a natural sleep aid. We save Goosh for those nights after a stressful day; those days where you are ready for your head to hit the pillow and be out like a light.

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