• Grapefruit Haze Marijuana Strain
  • Grapefruit Haze Marijuana Strain

Grapefruit Haze is a Complete Head-Rush

If you love haze as much as we do… Grapefruit Haze should make you very excited. With genetics stemming from Grapefruit and Super Silver Haze, this is a Sativa strain that mainly affects the mind. Upon opening the container, we were hit with an intense citrus aroma. This pungent, fruity smell lead to the question: Does it have the same grapefruit taste that you would expect from the aroma? Turns out, the taste was actually better than the smell and could be described in one word: grapefruit.

“Grapefruit Haze seems to leave a memorable grapefruit after-taste that will linger on your tongue indefinitely.”

After just one long inhale from the rolled joint and it was heaven. A complete mind-high, typical of haze strains. Left me very open minded and ready to ponder tough questions about life. For just $100 a quarter it was a very good value for the quality of medicine.

Typically considered a good option for patients looking to relax any time of the day. Haze is also thought to be good medicine for easing head-aches or chronic migraines. I always have the most relaxing smoke sessions with any type of Haze… so this clear-headed high is exactly what attracts me to Sativa strains.

The saliva in your mouth instantly becomes flavored like grapefruit and lingers there indefinitely. These Grapefruit Haze buds were cured well and covered in beautiful trichomes that were sticky to the touch.We highly recommend any type of haze for you day-time or morning tokers out there.

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