• Great Granny's Old Fashioned Brownie from Humble Farms
  • Great Granny's Old Fashioned Brownie from Humble Farms
  • Great Granny's Old Fashioned Brownie from Humble Farms
  • Great Granny's Old Fashioned Brownie from Humble Farms

Great Granny’s Old Fashioned Brownie

There is a laundry list of ingredients in each Old Fashioned Brownie, including chocolate, unsalted butter, brown sugar, sugar, eggs, enriched unbleached wheat flour, imitation vanilla extract, salt, and most importantly — 2.8 gramsof dried cannabis.

In my opinion, the Great Granny’s Old Fashioned Brownie is potent enough to be split into 2 doses for the average medical marijuana patient. However, if you have a high tolerance for consuming medicated edibles, then you will probably find that ingesting the entire edible is really going to hit the spot.

The first wave of effects start to kick in after about 30 minutes. Prepare to think more creatively and get stuck in deep thought — without worrying about the stresses of life. As with most edibles, it allows you to begin focusing on enjoying and living in the moment. There is a noticeable inward pressure behind the temples on the forehead that can be felt in the eyes. This should let you know you are already a little bit buzzed, with a much more sedative experience to come.

“The head-high I experienced in the first hour has begun to spread throughout my entire body, creating a deep, heavy, trance-like state that made it very hard to move.”

Just a few minutes later (around the 1 and half hour mark), you can expect the effects of the brownie to be much, much more heavy. The head high experienced in the first hour begins to spread throughout the entire body, creating a deep trance-like state that makes it hard to move. Motivation seemed to be sucked from me, and it was easily noticeable by my zoned-out facial expression. This thing gets you stoned. There is no hiding it.

Despite being a night owl, I began to feel overwhelmingly tired at just 9PM — which explains why this edible is such a hit with patients suffering from insomnia. When you smoke or ingest extremely potent cannabis or large amounts, you are going to feel a certain way. This is the cannabis speaking to you. Listen to it. Go to sleep if you are tired. Do not fight it. You may just wake up well rested and feeling better than you’ve felt in years, despite feelings of grogginess that are sure to ensue.

The nutritional label on the back of the brownie states that there is 580 calories in each of these brownies, making it great for patients looking to gain and maintain a healthy weight. The label also has consumption advice for first-timers that haven’t tried one of these potent brownies before. If you are new to medicating with edibles, it is definitely a good idea to only take half at a time and wait a minimum of 75 minutes before consuming more.

Currently available at a variety of dispensaries throughout California, you have a good shot of getting your hands on one of these brownies if you are a medical marijuana patient. For those of you in San Diego, these Great Granny’s Old Fashioned Brownies can be found at Alpha Medic.

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