• Red Velvet Cannacake from Healthy Highness
  • Red Velvet Cannacake from Healthy Highness
  • Red Velvet Cannacake from Healthy Highness

Healthy Highness Medicated Red Velvet Cannacake Edible Review

As you may expect, this Red Velvet Cannacake by Healthy Highness works great as a medicated dessert. Red Velvet cake is my favorite type of cake, which makes this edible almost too good to be true. Despite the intense amount of cream cheese icing (which I instantly scraped off some with a knife), this medicated snack is one of the best tasting edibles California has to offer medical marijuana patients. I try to keep a small stash in the fridge at all times for those really stressful days you want to kick back and relax for a few hours.

“The red velvet cupcake by Healthy Highness is not as heavy or tiring as other edibles; it tends to provide more of a peaceful, uplifting high that lasts for 2-4 hours on average.”

Easily one of my favorite edibles California has to offer, at least in terms of taste. If I was being picky (and I am), I would like to see the Healthy Highness girls use more product in each edible to provide high tolerance patients with a more noticeable and long-lasting effect. Don’t get me wrong, this cup cake will have you relaxed, feeling fantastic, and care-free — perfect for patients looking to combat depression, anxiety, or chronic stress disorders such as PTSD.

Being a more mild and upbeat medicating session, these edibles probably will not provide the intense body melt or heaviness that you would want for pain management and/or battling insomnia. Instead, this Medicated Red Velvet Cannacake by Healthy Highness is great for helping patients stay calm, stress-free, and happy.

Currently available Freedom Farmers of San Diego for a donation of $10/edible, they may be slightly overpriced if you are a high-tolerance patient looking to get significantly medicated. For low tolerance patients, these will be more than powerful enough to feel the effects. I would recommend these more as a tasty option for patients that want to explore the more high-end line of edibles. Once you try one you will want to try the rest of the Healthy Highness products, and I definitely don’t blame you for that.

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