• Herojuana OG (or Herijuana OG) Marijuana Strain
  • Herojuana OG (or Herijuana OG) Marijuana Strain
  • Herojuana OG (or Herijuana OG) Marijuana Strain
  • Herojuana OG (or Herijuana OG) Marijuana Strain

Herojuana OG: Treating Insomnia Naturally

Herojuana OG (or Herijuana OG) Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Herojuana OG (or Herijuana OG)
    • Unknown Sativa

Herojuana OG(or Herijuana OG) is an Indica-dominant Hybrid stemming from a Sativa from Kentucky and an Afghani (Indica) strain that was being grown in Humboldt county. Having said that, this Herojuana OG is a superb strain to end the night in a deep-sleep. This makes Herijuana OG popular among patients suffering from insomnia and sleep apnea, as well as patients needing rest as part of their healing process.

Herojuana OG Used As A Powerful Sleep Aid

Used for treating insomnia naturally; this strain is known to make your limbs and eyelids heavy. Herijuana OG is claimed by some patients as the heaviest medicine they have ever smoked, and we would tend to agree it is very powerful indeed.

“Herojuana OG (or Herijuana OG) is known mainly for its prolonged, strong pain relief abilities and full-body (stoney) trance.”

These Herojuana OG buds are extremely dense, well-shaped, and dried nicely — like most Indica-dominant Hybrids. Simply beautiful buds that all cannabis connoisseurs are sure to appreciate. When breaking the medicine up, my fingers became so sticky I had to wash my hands before rolling the actual joint. Not complaining at all; I would prefer my medicine be fresh and covered in sticky trichomes.

Herijuana OG Has Long-Lasting Effects

This Herojuana OG hits hard in almost every way, leaving you feeling spaced out and blurry visioned with the right amount of medication. This strain comes highly recommended by patients that suffer from chronic aches and pains. The “trippy” effect this strain provides is sure to make it a favorite among cannabis lovers everywhere.

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