Michael Phelps OG Marijuana Strain

Michael Phelps OG Strain Review

Michael Phelps OG Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Michael Phelps OG

Michael Phelps OG is classified as a Indica-dominant Hybrid, which means it will affect your body more than your mind (although this strain does affect both). As with most OG medications, the name is somewhat vague and the genetics are almost always unknown.

This allows for growers and dispensaries to tweak the names of the strains without anyone really being able to tell what is happening behind the scenes. It’s hard to tell what exact phenotype of OG Kush this is, but it definitely is a great mixture none-the-less.

This batch of buds had an Earthy smell with even fruitier OG (pine) undertones.

Regardless, Michael Phelps OG is divine medicine that looks healthy, hits hard, and always tastes phenomenal. Well grown, the buds are also incredibly dense and chunky. It looks look someone cut down a tree. The trichomes and orange hairs are everywhere, both inside and out. Breaking up the bud will make the aroma so strong you will have to do a double take. Please, appreciate what you are about to medicate with.

A great strain for night-time, Micheal Phelps OG is known to promote pain relief, relax the body, and make your eye lids heavy. You should be ready to lay down for a good nights sleep after a 2-3 hour time-warping, full-body high. A very potent strain, it deserves to be on our top 10 favorite night-time marijuana strains! As such, the Micheal Phelps should be proud for being named after one of the go-to strains in southern California to end a night in serenity.

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