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MJ Caps Have High Amounts of THC & CBD


An Extremely Easy Way of Ingesting Concentrated Cannabis Oil

All I need is a glass of water to get the maximum benefit from this medicating session. Good thing too, because I am not sure my sore throat could handle smoking or vaporizing anything right now.

When I came down with a cold this winter, the last thing that comes to mind is to buy bud and light it up. Instead, my initial reaction is to go to the dispensary and look for edibles or concentrates that can be ingested into my system rather than being heated. As you probably know by now, when you get sick it seems to strip the fun and easiness out of everything — including your medicating sessions. So when I called up Point Loma Patients Association to make a donation, the MJ capsules kept popping up as one of the most appealing options on their menu.

MJ Caps Provide An Alternative Intake Option

Now, normally I would not go around preaching how much I loved taking a pill — but I’ll make an exception for a truly healthy one. After all, it’s just a pill right? Wrong. This is the future of medicine in that you can get an entire days worth of medication in just 2 seconds and a swig of water. The effects are extremely long-lasting because it has to be digested and broken down in your stomach. This takes some time so be patient and enjoy the ride (roughly 30 mins – 1 hour depending on your body weight, tolerance, how full your stomach is, etc).

The high amounts of THC and CBD in each MJ cap provides insight to why these work so well and provide so much pain-relief. Before I consumed one of these, I could not eat or keep any food down of substance. Literally, after just 1 hour, I was hungry and craving a large meal for the first time in days. My depression from being sick and having no energy was completely erased as well. Needless to say, these won’t be the last MJ caps I buy. The only wish I had was that they were cheaper, so that more patients could afford to medicate this way on a daily basis.

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