Organic Haze Marijuana Strain

Organic Haze: Good Example of a Bad Batch

In a nut shell, this organically grown Haze was actually pretty disappointing. So what does it mean to grow cannabis organically? Basically, it refers to the growers only using natural ingredients and growing medium and avoiding any human-made products created in a lab.

Unfortunately, this batch of organically grown haze was not dried or cured properly.

Each hit of this organically grown haze creates thick, chest-punching smoke that is pretty harsh on the lungs. It unfortunately took roughly 3 bowls of this Organize Haze to get significantly medicated; an obvious sign that this batch lacks in potency.

The effects of Organic Haze are just as the name indicates — creating a hazy head and unfocused vision. Organic Haze is known to be somewhat euphoric, very uplifting, and relieves worry. Good for getting in your own zone and getting some serious work done without the build up of anxiety. Since the taste, aroma, and potency were bad on this batch, we would not recommend this to medical marijuana patients until we try a better version of Organic Haze.

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