• Power Plant  Marijuana Strain
  • Power Plant  Marijuana Strain

Power Plant is a Unique Visual Masterpiece

Power Plant Sativa (what's this?)
  • Power Plant
    • South African Hybrid

These Power Plant buds are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Intriguing to the eye, it is rare to see such a wide variety in bud color. Also, the sheer size of the buds and bright outlines from the trim make it a visual master piece. The trichomes even reflect in different shades of color ranging from bright white to burnt yellow. So strange looking it is almost like this strain was actually grown in a power plant.

Power Plant is a powerful Sativa strain known to make patients very social.

A great batch of buds to medicate with before going out in social settings. Should put you in the right frame of mind to be relaxed, happy, and talkative. The taste is hard to explain with this strain; the smoke is extremely smooth, like grape-fruit… with more of a African spice on the exhale. The smell from Power Plant is both earthy and spicy, but definitely still inviting.

Power Plant comes highly recommended for day-time use as it produces a significant head-rush with very little to no physical fatigue. It’s a little stoney though so it won’t be the most inspiring or clear-headed effect that some Sativa strains are known for. Although you could easily wake and bake with this, there are still many more uplifting Sativa strains that are probably better options. Still though… very powerful medicine. The name suits itself perfectly.

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