Purple Haze Marijuana Strain

Purple Haze: The Infamous Cannabis Strain That Is Actually Hard to Locate

Purple Haze Sativa (what's this?)

Purple Haze is a Sativa dominant-hybrid that has significant haze-like effects.

Extremely smooth relaxing smoke session. The effects of the strain lend themselves much more to the sativa end of the spectrum, and that’s quite alright with us.

“This batch of Purple Haze tastes just like I’d imagine a musty batch of mixed berries being.”

If you imagine what the color purple would actually taste like… that’s precisely what I believe Purple Haze gives your taste buds.

So what makes this strain so purple? Well genetically speaking, Purple Haze comes from an unknown purple phenotype of the Haze strain itself. The color starts off dark green with a little shade of purple as the plant grows. However, its rumored that if you leave Purple Haze in lower temperatures toward the end of the grow cycle the colors begin to turn much more violet in shade — sometimes even blue.

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