• Romulan Marijuana Strain
  • Romulan Marijuana Strain
  • Romulan Marijuana Strain

Romulan Strain: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Romulan Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Romulan
    • Unknown Sativa
    • Afghani Landrace

Like many marijuana strains, there are conflicting opinions on where the Romulan strain originates and what its specific genetics are. No this medical marijuana strain was not beamed in from outer-space by an alien race from planet Romulus… Confused? Keep reading…

Romulan Named After Alien Race In Star Trek

romulan2The nickname ‘Romulan‘ is actually a Star Trek reference, jokingly stating the bud is so strong it will rearrange your head with Romulan-like facial features. Some (less informed) people believe Romulan is a pure Indica marijuana strain with 100% Afghani / Kush genetics; however, that would be an incorrect observation for the Romulan strain.

The seemingly obvious head-high and time-warp from Romulan leaves a lasting impression comparable to most potent Sativa strains. This leads us to believe some Sativa has to be in the genetics. The legend of Romulan confirms this…

There Is Some Sativa In The Romulan Strain

Accordingly to grower profiles/records, the Romulan strain has a good amount of Sativa in its genetics. This usually goes under the radar until you medicate with Romulan for long amounts of time. It is believed the Afghani parent made its way over seas and up into Vancouver BC in the mid 80’s, where it was mixed with Sativa genetics.

The result was many different Romulan clones, all slightly different and unique in their own way. From these, the growers would select the shorter, stockier versions as a growing preference (that looked most like Indica plants). This unfortunately lead many people to believe Romulan was pure Indica — when in reality it has a decent amount of Sativa in its genetics.

Romulan Is A Relaxing, Indica-Dominant Hybrid

“Considered by many as 75% Indica and only 25% Sativa, Romulan won’t be the complete knock-out strain you would want if you are suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea.”

This makes the Romulan strain popular among patients looking for full-bodied pain relief that lasts and lasts. Coupled with a foggy head high, it’s hard to concentrate on tasks that require attention to detail as this strain will make you feel stoned.

Romulan is frequently used to treat anxiety, stress, chronic aches and pains, stomach issues, PTSD, and lupus. Another benefit of the Romulan strain is that it doesn’t usually make high-tolerance patients that tired.

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