• Strawberry Extra Kind 4-Pack of Lozenges from Kind Bake
  • Strawberry Extra Kind 4-Pack of Lozenges from Kind Bake

Strawberry Extra Kind 4-Pack of Lozenges

Meant for sucking and oral-intake, these Extra Kind Lozenges by Kind Bake are strawberry flavored and come in packs of 4. They are also sold in individual packs, and regular potency versions that are presumably the exact same thing as these with smaller amounts of concentrated hash oil.

“Each pack contains 4 separate extra-strength lozenges that take roughly 1 hour to take full-effect.”

These lozenges provide patients with an alternative medicating option to smoking and its harmful side effects. Similarly, the delicious taste and ease of use makes lozenges particularly attractive to patients suffering from disabilities or ailments that make it hard to medicate any other way.

The effects are very similar to most Indica strains you would medicate with; each lozenge provides a slight body-melt and heavy feeling that tends to make you tired so that your body can rest. Simply pop in a lozenge and suck it until it dissolves roughly 5 minutes later. Great for on-the-go and any situation where you want to medicate and smoking is just not an option.

I personally think these lozenges from Kind Bake are some of the best in California. They taste phenomenal, are fast-acting, and are available in a ton of flavors (over 10 so I won’t list them all here). If you are a medical marijuana patient in the San Diego area, you can find these edibles at Quality Delivery of Coronado.

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