Sweet Island Skunk Marijuana Strain

Sweet Island Skunk: Sweet & Sugary Smoke

Sweet Island Skunk Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Sweet Island Skunk
    • Unknown Sativa

I honestly had no idea what to expect when I heard my favorite dispensary had Sweet Island Skunk on their shelves. I picked up some Sweet Island Skunk in the Bay area before with lack-luster results. However, the good news is, this time around was much, much different. Finally, a pristine example of how a batch of Sweet Island Skunk should be.

Sweet Island Skunk Genetics Remain a Mystery

Sweet Island Skunk (or Island Sweet Skunk) genetics can be linked to Skunk #1 x Unknown Sativa, making this a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. At first glance, Sweet Island Skunk looked awfully similar to an Indica with its small, super condense buds. However, the effects start off much more Sativa-like… only to be followed by a mellow body buzz.

“Sweet Island Skunk genetics make it roughly 70% Sativa and 30% Indica.

It’s considered to be very calming medication for both the body and mind. This makes Sweet Island Skunk popular among patients suffering from ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, stress, stomach issues, arthritis, and/or chronic migraines.

Typically thought of as a daytime strain… patients like to medicate with Sweet Island Skunk all day to stay medicated both mentally and physically. It’s ability to provide patients with a 70% head-high (Sativa) and 30% body-high (Indica) is particularly effective for those looking for full-bodied medication that won’t knock you out.

Sweet & Sugary With Skunk Undertones

Visually, each bud in this Sweet Island Skunk batch had a good amount of hairs covering them as well as trichomes — always a good sign for quality medication. I was expecting a tropical stinky scent, but instead was greeted with nice sweet smelling buds that had undertones of earth and skunk.

The taste was a very similar story; Extremely smooth smoke with skunk and sugary sweet undertones. A few hits of the bowl will leave you feeling somewhat groggy from the cloudy head effect.

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