Vanilla OG Marijuana Strain

Vanilla OG is Sweet, Smooth, and Savory.

Vanilla OG Hybrid (what's this?)

Vanilla OG is a sweeter OG phenotype that we came across in southern California. The medicine is exquisite, with buds that are full-bodied and in perfect shape and formation. Equally impressive, the trichomes make the vanilla OG buds sparkle under the light.

“Vanilla OG is known for its ability to provide patients with pain relief and help combat anxiety.”

Vanilla OG has a very subtle, inviting smell resembling most other OGs (overwhelmingly piney) mixed with some vanilla ice cream. The smoke is thick and milky, but coats your throat and is super smooth. A rich-tasting and cerebral smoke session every time!

Vanilla OG Cannabis Strain Effects

The smoke session is relaxing, flavorful, and peaceful. A great medication for relax your body and mind simultaneously. This is a focus strain for sure, perfectly suited for those occasions when you have some work to do but need to medicate.

The delayed effects from Vanilla OG are a bit of a knockout, but it’s nothing you can’t overcome if you have a reason to. Of course, if you are looking for a strain that is good for battling insomnia and providing sleep-aid, Vanilla OG may be the strain for you. Although it is not overwhelmingly vanilla flavored, the name of this strain makes sense the more you smoke it. Definitely recommend rolling this up in some papers to get the full experience.

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