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Yummy Gummies Are A Soft & Gooey Snack

Yummy Gummies are a pre-packaged edible containing roughly 16 fruity flavored cannabis cubes. These little fruit bites are a lot like the fruit snacks sold in groceries stores nation-wide. However, these gummy fruit cubes are specially infused with THC Glycerin, an ingredient known to provide patients with doses of concentrated cannabis.

These Yummy Gummies were not lab-tested, which is a shame because medical marijuana patients deserve to know what amounts of active cannabiniods are in each serving size. This is important to ensure patients take the right size portions, as well as protect the consumer from any unsafe products hitting dispensary shelves.

“Additionally, it would be great to know how the numbers from the next lab-test, to get a better idea on how to rate this item on cost and overall potency.”

Each gummy sure does taste good, though. They are covered in sweet and tangy sugar, which surrounds a soft gooey inside. Each colored cube is a distinct different flavor, ranging from strawberry, watermelon, blueberry, orange, green apple, and more.

Unfortunately for high tolerance patients, this little pack of Yummy Gummies will not be enough to get you significantly medicated. Thus, it is highly recommended that you eat the entire snack in one sitting. As with most medicated edibles, allow significant time (30 mins to 1 hour) for the cannabinoids to reach the core of your system.

These Yummy Gummy edibles are only available to medical marijuana patients from Green Dot Delivery in San Diego, CA.

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