Orange Diesel Strain: Diesel X Agent Orange

  • Orange Diesel (Agent D) Marijuana Strain
  • Orange Diesel (Agent D) Marijuana Strain

Orange Diesel (Agent D) Hybrid (what's this?)

The Story Behind The Orange Diesel Strain

The Agent Orange strain from TGA Subcool Seeds is an extremely flavorful Sativa-dominant hybrid. To be honest, I have never come across another strain with the amount of citrus flavor present in the best Agent Orange batches… until now. This batch of the Orange Diesel strain (aka Agent D) has a heavy Agent Orange influence, and I could tell from the moment I opened the jar.

As the story goes, Subcool gave a pack of Agent Orange seeds to a grower named Dr. Pentothal, the owner of Catnip Seeds, at the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup. Out of the first three seeds of that pack, two went on to win 3rd-place awards for Sativa flowers and one became a very robust male plant. Dr. Pentothal went on to cross that male with his Sour Diesel cut and enjoyed success.

When looking at Dr. Pentothal’s cut of Sour Diesel, one would say that it leans toward the sour end of the flavor spectrum. On the other hand, another grower had his own original Diesel cut with more of the fuel-like gassy aroma. Dr. P donated some of his Agent Orange pollen to that grower at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup, and this Orange Diesel strain was the result of the cross.

How Will The Orange Diesel Strain Affect Me?

The Agent Orange strain really dominated the Diesel strain in this cross; it’s obvious that the scent, and flavor, come from Orange Diesel’s father plant. As one of my friends put it, “it smelled like an orange that was soaked in water,” and it had the flavor to match;it had an obvious orange influence, but the Diesel’s fuel-like taste seemed to linger on my tongue more than anything.

“The Agent Orange in the Orange Diesel strain’s lineage was successful in passing down its patented orange scent, flavor.”

I picked up this batch of Orange Diesel at Holistic Therapeutic Collective in North Hollywood. While the rest of America seemed to be engulfed in the Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez fight, I enjoyed a different sort of battle. I went through 2 or 3 cycles with the Vapir Rise balloon attachment and was immersed in a competitive FIFA 2013 soccer tournament with the rest of the MJ team.

After smoking the Orange Diesel strain, I could feel my energy level rise. In fact, I found myself dozing off in the middle of a game and decided to roll a joint. After just 2 hits, my focus started to improve and I was noticeably more alert. Because of that, I’m sure this Sativa-dominant hybrid would make a great wake and bake strain.

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